Sit and Be Fit caters to healthy aging. In addition to both sedentary and active older adults, the program is popular with sub-demographics such as those recovering from injury or managing chronic conditions. Sit and Be Fit has also attracted a large group of fans and followers from the younger generations who grew up exercising with Mary Ann on Sit and Be Fit because it was sandwiched into line-ups of PBS daytime television kids programming. TV host, Mary Ann Wilson’s gentle approach to exercise appeals to all ages.

Sponsorship and Underwriting Opportunities

For over 28 years, Sit and Be Fit has been building favorable impressions and good will in markets across the United States and Canada. Sit and Be Fit’s wholesome appeal and positive brand recognition make us marketable.

We are interested in partnering with sponsors and underwriters who believe in the mission of serving older adults through public television and media. To learn more about Sit and Be Fit see the press kit. To discuss underwriting and sponsorship opportunities contact: [email protected]