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Sit and Be Fit: Chair Exercise Basics CE Course
By Mary Ann Wilson, RN Price: $149.00



Short Description
This continuing education course, published by Human Kinetics, includes a workbook, study guide, two DVD disc set with an exercise band, and exam. It reviews techniques and strategies to enhance functional fitness and increase strength in older adults and individuals with physical limitations through chair exercise programs.

Product Description

Course components are delivered as printed products:
• Workbook
• Study guide
• Two DVD disc set and exercise band
• Continuing education exam

The Chair Exercise Basics, Second Edition Print CE Course, developed by the creator and host of the nationally acclaimed Sit and Be Fit program on PBS, shares the techniques and strategies to enhance functional fitness and build strength in older adults and individuals with physical limitations. The course reviews guidelines for designing chair exercise programs and shows how to progress clients from seated to standing exercises. More than 100 exercises are presented along with over 170 photos to provide clear illustration of correct posture, positioning, and execution of each technique.

As part of the program design process, you will learn how to teach posture and breathing fundamentals, strategies to prevent falls and enhance balance, and special considerations and modifications for 10 disease-specific conditions. You will also learn how to incorporate props such as towels, balls, and exercise bands into an exercise program.

Supplementing the course is a two DVD disc set packaged with an exercise band.

Disc 1 contains: Includes Workout #1, Workout #2 and Bonus FeaturesWorkout

#1 Functional Fitness (40 minutes)
Workout #2 Chair Exercise Basics (40 minutes)
Bonus Features: (12 Minutes)

Disc 2 contains: Includes 6 Mini Segments

Balance & Gait Exercises (15 minutes)
Core Strengthening (15 minutes)
Feet Exercises (20 minutes)
Finger & Hand Exercises w/Small Ball (12 minutes)
Large Ball Exercises (15 minutes)
Wall Exercises (10 minutes)

Approved CE Credits
ACE                                 1.30
ACSM                            13.00
AEA                                 6.50
AFPA                               8.00
COOPER                      13.00
ECA                               13.00
HK-DSWF Certificate  13.00
of Completion
ISSA                               13.00
NAFC                               1.30
NASN                               1.30
NCHEC                          13.00
NCSF                               6.50
NETA                              13.00
NFPT                                1.00
NSPA                              13.00
PTBC                                1.30


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