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Viewers often ask where to purchase the exercise chair that Mary Ann uses on SIT AND BE FIT.  Her exercise chair was purchased from an office supply store many years ago.
In your search for a good piece of furniture for chair exercise, it's best to test several chairs if possible before purchasing one.  The following characteristics are important considerations when choosing an exercise chair.
When seated for chair exercises SIT AND BE FIT recommends:
  • The exercise chair should be comfortable, and it should fit you.
  • Your feet should be able to rest flat on the floor when your hips are positioned well back in the chair.
  • The back rest should support you upright in good postural alignment.  The seat should be fairly flat and not slanted back too far.
  • There should be about 1-2 inches of space between the front edge of your chair and the back of your knee.  (If the exercise chair is too deep for you, a small firm pillow placed at the lower back can effectively decrease chair depth.)
  • You should be able to sit at the front edge of the seat of the chair without it tipping forward. (If the front edge of the seat extends farther forward than the front legs of the chair, it is likely that it will tip forward easily with some of the chair exercises.)
  • Ideally, an exercise chair should have armrests ONLY if needed for safety (because they get in the way of some of the chair exercises.)  If armrests are needed, it is helpful if they do not extend all the way forward to the front edge of the chair, permitting a greater freedom of arm movement.
When standing for chair exercises SIT AND BE FIT recommends:
  • The back of an exercise chair should be high enough to hold onto during chair exercise without compromising postural alignment.
  • The base of the exercise chair should be stable so it will not tip if you lose your balance.
SIT AND BE FIT's recommendations for an exercise chair:
  • Padded folding chairs work surprisingly well for chair exercise.
  • Stackable office chairs, found in an office supply store, also work very well as exercise chairs. To avoid tipping, make sure the front edge of the seat does not extend beyond the front legs. 
  • Avoid chairs with wheels.
  • Many dining room and kitchen chairs also work well for chair exercise because they are straight-backed and sturdy enough for standing exercises.  Many SIT AND BE FIT viewers do very well with the chairs they have in their homes already.

Catalog companies often carry chairs similar to the ones used on SIT AND BE FIT.  Contact these companies to request a free catalog:

Viking: 1-800-421-1222
Staples: 1-800-333-3330
Office Depot: 1-888-463-3768

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