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New Senior Fitness Programming

In response to PBS Program Director requests for new programming, SIT AND BE FIT is committed to producing a new television series each summer. Watch for the 20 program #1000 Series release through NETA in September 2008. The new SIT AND BE FIT television series, taping this summer, will introduce host Mary Ann Wilson's daughter and will feature a fresh, upbeat look and feel.

PBS Program Directors Impact Healthy Aging in America

Thanks to PBS Program Directors and their willingness to make senior fitness programming (via SIT AND BE FIT) available to their viewers, older adults across the country have experienced quantitative improvement in their health and well being. It is not over exaggerating to say that  PBS Program Directors have positively contributed to the overall health of older adults in the communities they serve.

SIT AND BE FIT Television Series Appeals To Young Viewers

SIT AND BE FIT senior fitness programming has the advantage of appealing to young audiences and has found a comfortable place in many "kid's block" schedules. For PBS Program Directors this means that SIT AND BE FIT programming meets the needs of multiple segments of their viewing community.

How To Pick Up The SIT AND BE FIT Series

Over 200 episodes of SIT AND BE FIT are available through NETA. For additional information, please e-mail [email protected].

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