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Underwriting opportunities posted 7-13

Companies and organizations that share Sit and Be Fit's mission to improve the health and wellness of others through media-based outreach are invited to inquire about TV sponsorship underwriting opportunities for the next Sit and Be Fit television series.

Producing Season:  Summer 2013
Series Distribution: Spring 2014
Airing: June 2014-2015


Building on its track record of developing best practice fitness programs, Sit and Be Fit will design a series that motivates even the most exercise-resistant viewer to experience the benefits of exercising daily.  This series will focus on:

  • increasing physical activity and functional fitness
  • developing better balance
  • injury prevention
  • brain fitness
  • developing safe driving skills
  • establishing positive behavior changes

Program host, Mary Ann Wilson, RN leads viewers through a full body workout in each episode. Offering exercise companionship, Wilson teaches viewers that exercise for functional fitness is fun, painless, and easy.  Creative choreography set to music is used in a variety of sitting and standing exercises geared towards improving upper and lower body strength and flexibility, core strengthening, balance, speed, and agility. 


  • Motivate the sedentary population to make healthy lifestyle changes by becoming physically active.
  • Provide exercises designed to decrease the risk of losing independence; decrease pain if managing a chronic condition; improve functional fitness; and facilitate healing.
  • Teach viewers fall prevention strategies.
  • Give viewers free access to easy, fun, rehabilitative exercise.


    Each half-hour episode begins and ends with a :05, :10, or :15 second underwriting credit(s) .  The exercise program will begin with seated warm-ups and circulation exercises followed by full body strengthening and flexibility exercises and ending wtih a relaxation segment.  Educational and motivational information will be shared throughout the TV series, encouraging viewers to make fitness a lifestyle choice that they will "stick with" and enjoy.  Below TRP estimated for a :10-second underwriting credit (sponsorship message), airing at the open and close of each episode  (52 weeks)

                           Estimated Rating (Adults55+):       0.2

                           Total Estimated Annual TRPs:     10.4

    For more information about television series underwriting opportunities, please contact Gretchen at



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