Twelve Desk Exercises

Use these practical exercises daily Whether you are fitting exercise into your work schedule at the office, writing monthly bills, or working at your home computer, the following desk exercises will improve your concentration, make you more alert, and relieve tension. Proceed gently with each exercise and listen to your body. Stay within your personal […]

Balance Builder Exercise

The great news about balance is that you can work to improve it! In this blog we’ll take a look at one of the many exercises that can be done to help strengthen balance skills. Throughout the exercise, imagine you’re are moving in slow motion. The slower you move the more your  balance will be […]

Sit and Be Fit Arm Exercises

Stay Healthy While You Sit Here are some easy Sit and Be Fit arm exercises that work the shoulders, back and fingers. Integrate them into whatever it is you’re already doing right now…especially if you’re stuck at a desk all day. To work more on the arms check out our Chair Exercise Basics DVD which dedicates […]

Balance Exercises for Somatosenory System

The somatosensory system refers to the faculty of bodily perception. These sensory systems affect our balance. They include: skin senses (touch) and proprioception (knowing where our body is in space without looking.) As we age this system begins to decline in function. Exercises that stimulate the somatosensory system are important because we depend on our […]

Gait Drill

The military uses drills because they’re an effective way to train precision of movement and cultivate a habitual response. Try using this gait drill practice in your senior fitness class on a regular basis to help students build awareness of correct gait mechanics. For variety, once students become familiar with the cuing ask them to take turns […]

Get Your Gait On

Here’s something every boomer needs to know. Improving your gait needs to start now because it’s a building block for good balance and preventing falls. Why is fall prevention important? Unfortunately, falls are the number one reason older adults lose their independence. None of us want to give up our freedom or have a fall […]

Gait and Balance

Paying attention to our gait as we grow older is important because it plays a crucial role in balance and fall prevention. To understand how gait affects balance let’s look at the physiological changes that affect gait as we age. These changes, which take place as a natural part of aging, can be slowed down […]