Aging: Decades of Possibility

Live Life Fully by Aging Without Limits By Mark Kirkpatrick Youth, it seems, has all the advantages—wrinkle-free skin, hair free of grey streaks, and a body that offers up fewer physical limitations. Time teaches a fear of age and a hesitation regarding impending monumental birthdays. Thirty is deemed an end to the carefree twenties, 40 […]

Corporate America Saves Money With Additional Desktop Breaks

By Mark Kirkpatrick, guest blogger The corporate world has a strong tradition of hard work, long hours and success that comes with those practices. Inside today’s fast-paced digital environment, businesses won’t succeed unless they’re willing to put in the time and effort to truly claim a part of this valuable marketplace. Unfortunately, the idea of […]

Hidden Dangers in Food

Dangerous and Hidden Food Ingredients Found in Seemingly Healthy Food by Registered Dietician Janell Buchkoski, MS, RD Would you eat your favorite breakfast cereal if you knew that it contained Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT), a product also used in jet fuel and embalming fluid? Can you imagine grilling your low fat veggie burger if you found […]


By Piper Peterson, PT Osteopenia is one of two words used to describe the density of your bones, the other being Osteoporosis. Bones reach their normal “peak” density by age 30. Beginning in middle age, bone cells are reabsorbed by the body faster than new bone is made so that bones have less mass (density) […]