Improve Your Somatosensory System for Better Balance

Learn a little bit about the role that the somatosensory system plays in balance by reading the article above.  Exercises such as the Stocking Feet Grips activate the sensory receptors in your feet.  Often times, especially when we are always wearing shoes, we lose touch with the sensation on the bottom of our feet. It’s easy […]

Balance Exercises

Balance Exercises By Mary Ann Wilson, RN I would love to share some great balance exercises that we’ve used on the Sit and Be Fit television series. They will challenge several of the important balance systems responsible for stability in your mobility. If you practice these exercises regularly, along with others in the related blogs section below, and […]

Balance Builder Exercise

Balance Builder Exercise By Mary Ann Wilson, RN The great news about balance is that you can work to improve it! In this blog we’ll take a look at one of the many exercises that can be done to help strengthen balance skills. Throughout the exercise, imagine you’re are moving in slow motion. The slower […]