Twelve Desk Exercises

Use these practical exercises daily Whether you are fitting exercise into your work schedule at the office, writing monthly bills, or working at your home computer, the following desk exercises will improve your concentration, make you more alert, and relieve tension. Proceed gently with each exercise and listen to your body. Stay within your personal […]

Mary Ann’s Quick Energizer Workout

Looking for a fast way to generate some energy?  Here is a quick easy seated workout you can do almost anywhere!  Use this simple set of exercises to perk your body up when it’s dragging or use it every day as a good all-around maintenance program.  Workout Objectives: Lubricate joints Increase circulation Keep ankle joints […]

Exercises for Diabetes

Here are some great exercises for those managing Diabetes. EXERCISES FOR POSTURE AND BREATHING Begin seated in a chair with good posture, feet flat on the floor. DEEP BREATHING EXERCISE Starting position: sitting or standing. While inhaling deeply, pull elbows backwards. Inhale slowly with the back just slightly arched for a count of 5. Force […]