Traveling Exercises

By Mary Ann Wilson, RN Sitting in one position for prolonged periods of time, as in car or airplane travel, affects us in several ways. It can:1) weaken our stomach and back muscles,2) compound lower back problems,3) reduce range of motion, causing inflexible joints, and4) contribute to poor circulation, especially in the legs. When you […]

Mary Ann’s Quick Energizer Workout

By Mary Ann Wilson, RN Looking for a fast way to generate some energy?  Here is a quick easy seated workout you can do almost anywhere!  Use this simple set of exercises to perk your body up when it’s dragging or use it every day as a good all-around maintenance program.  Workout Objectives: Lubricate joints […]

Hotel Room Blues

By Mary Ann Wilson, RN While traveling is something we all look forward to as a form of leisure and recreation, it also has its own set of built-in stress. Studies show that even a slight change in environment produces a change in hormone levels in the blood and other chemical signs of stress. We […]