Pre and Post Surgery Testimonials

“In preparation for a heart procedure, I have been exercising along with you for several months now and have noticed improved balance, breathing capacity, and a straighter posture…Friends tell my I am in good shape and that’s why I came out of a three-and-one-half hour invasive procedure with no pain and energy to spare.” Carolyn […]

Cancer Recovery Testimonials

“Thank you for this fantastic program.  I had stomach cancer surgery in August 2016.  This program has helped me to regain my strength and Fitness.” Karen. “I am still participating in Sit and Be Fit sessions four-and-one-half years following surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy for a sarcoma. Sit and Be Fit has helped me to regain […]

Hip Testimonials

“I’ve been doing Sit and Be Fit for about 15 years when we got dish.  I am 79 years old and still able to do most things even with a lot of arthritis and bursitis in my hips. Your program has helped me so much with exercising, stretching, breathing and good posture, always reminding us […]

Motivates Testimonials

“I have been participating in the Sit and Be Fit program most weekdays for over a year.  Not only has the program suited my exercise needs, I have found it to be fun, encouraging and motivation.  I greatly enjoy Mary Ann and Gretchen with their contagious, up beat and positive energy.  As well, the music […]

Blood Pressure Testimonials

Testimonial for Blood Pressure “My doctor asked me what had changed sense my last yearly check-up as my blood pressure had changed from 142/80 to 116/70. The only difference was that I had been exercising with Sit and Be Fit daily for about 3 months. She said to keep up the good work. A week […]

Back Testimonials

” First, I have to say thank you. Before I found your show I was using a power wheelchair in my home and electric carts in the store on the rare occasions I would leave the house. I was overweight and had no energy. I was left paralyzed in my left leg after 12 back surgeries. Now, I use a […]

Neck and Shoulder Injury Testimonials

“I accidentally came to discover the Sit and Be Fit exercise program and it has proved to be one of the best things that has happened for my health and well-being. I have been struggling with a debilitating neck and shoulder injury for the past three years and after just a month-and-a-half of doing the […]