ALL SITTING EXERCISES – DVD (in-house duplication)


•Features exercises using a 9-12 inch ball, towel, and cane

•Winner of the 1997 National Health Information Bronze Award

•Total running time: approximately 37 minutes

• NOTE: We now duplicate this DVD in-house from our edit system. It will be delivered in a clear case, not as pictured.

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Winner of the 1997 National Health Information GOLD Award

The All Sitting Workout is an energetic, balanced workout done completely seated.  Because many of Mary Ann’s viewers have health concerns that may make standing difficult, she offers seated routines that accomplish the stretching and strengthening benefits for which she is so well known. 
This video uses a cane, ball, and towel as exercise accessories.  The All Sitting Workout is beneficial for a variety of conditions and problem areas, such as neck and shoulder problems, wrist fracture, arthritic conditions of the hand, spine, hip, and knee, hip fractures with open reduction internal fixation (pinning), CVA stroke, peripheral neuropathy, and low back pain.

The legs are crossed and the hips flexed greater than 90 degrees in portions of this video which could compromise total hip arthroplasty. (Released in 1996)

Click here for a YouTube video demo.

Link to Add Towel

 Seated Warm-Up
 Seated Circulation Exercises
 Seated Cane Routine 
 Seated Finger/Towel Exercises
 Seated Ball Routine
 Seated Cool-Down/Stretch
 Seated Visual Relaxation


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