• Winner of 2003 Caregiver Media Group Caregiver Friendly Award

• Winner of 1997 National Mature Media Merit Award


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The Caregiver’s Guide To Exercise us specifically designed to address the needs of bed-ridden or minimally ambulatory individuals, Mary Ann Wilson, RN is joined by Dr. Neil Shulman in this workout. Egg shakers are used to provide tactile stimulation, motivate the hands to move equally, and improve cognitive function.

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 Seated Morning Bed Exercises 16:00
 Seated Afternoon Exercises 10:00
 Seated Evening Exercise 7:00
 Seated Evening Self-Massage 4:00
 Seated Relaxation 3:00

Winner of the 2003 Caregiver Media Group CAREGIVER FRIENDLY Award

Winner of the 1997 National Mature Media MERIT Award

Whether you provide care for a loved one or are a professional caregiver, The Caregiver’s Guide to Exercise video will help you incorporate exercises into the daily routine of your care receiver.  Anyone needing short segments of gentle exercise throughout the day, or those individuals who are unable to stand for exercise will also benefit from this video which provides morning, afternoon, and evening sessions of bed and seated chair exercises.

In the Sixteen-Minute Morning Exercise Session, Mary Ann encourages her “care receiver,” Dr. Neil Shulman*, to participate in a series of relaxing exercises while lying in bed, including deep breathing, gentle range of motion of the neck, back, arms, and legs.  The exercises progress to coordination movements and gentle strengthening for the trunk and extremities, ending with a bed push-up which strengthens the arms and teaches the proper body mechanics to move to the seated position.

The Ten-Minute Afternoon Exercise Session is done seated in a chair. Exercises to increase circulation and improve range of motion, coordination, and strength of the arms, fingers, legs, and feet are done to a lively beat. Functional reaching and dressing movements are incorporated into imaginative routines.

Prepare to rest with the Seven-Minute Evening Exercise Session.  Egg Shakers (hand-held rhythm instruments) come with The Caregiver’s Guide To Exercise video and are used to enhance enjoyment of these end-of-the-day exercises.  They provide tactile stimulation, motivate the hands to move equally, and improve cognitive function.  From exercises that stimulate circulation in the arms and legs, this session progresses to deep breathing and gentle relaxing exercises to stretch the muscles.  It ends with four minutes of self-massage and a three-minute visual segment to quiet the body and the mind. (Released in 1996)
Total running time: approximately 48 minutes.

*Dr. Neil Shulman: Associate Professor at Emory University School of Medicine; Medical Director, Pine Knoll Nursing Home; Author of Doc Hollywood, Second Wind, and more!


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