Emphasis on strengthening the postural muscles

Released in 1996

Total running time: approximately 30 minutes

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The Osteoporosis Specialty Video emphasizes strengthening the postural muscles and avoids spinal flexion. General guidelines for osteoporosis exercises, incidence of osteoporosis, and the phone number for the National Osteoporosis Organization are included as well as an outline for good posture. In addition, this is a good, balanced, and short workout for people with neck, shoulder and balance problems, arthritis of the hand, mastectomy (due to its upper body emphasis), and wrist fracture. (Released i 1996)

Gentle Warm-Up 3:00 Seated

Full Body Warm-Up 5:30 Seated

Circulation 3:50 Seated

Fingers 3:00 Seated

Leg Strengthening/Stretching 6:00 Seated/Standing

This program is also satisfactory for hip and knee problems, but does not focus on the lower extremities as much. Total hip replacement patients need to be aware of their precautions as this video does include internal and external hip rotation, which may compromise hip replacement.


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