SEASON 8 WORKOUT – DVD (in-house duplication)


• A collection of routines compiled from the #800 public television series.

• Released in 2007

• Total running time: approximately 45 minutes

• NOTE: We now duplicate this DVD in-house from our edit system. It will be delivered in a clear case, not as pictured.


The Sit and Be Fit Workout Season 8 is a collection of routines
compiled from the SIT AND BE FIT #800 public television series.
Mary Ann Wilson, RN
integrates up-to-date research and creative
choreography to provide a general workout that motivates viewers
to make exercise a part of their daily lives.

Click here for YouTube video demo.

Link to Add Towel

Total running time: approximately 45 minutes.

 Warm-Up  7:08  Seated  NoteworthyEmerald IsleThunderfinger
 Circulation  6:58  Seated  Stars and Stripes
 Towel Exercises  2:29  Seated  Caspian Voyage
 Leg Strengthening  6:33  Standing  Due to TangoJukin’ and Jivin’
 Stretching  2:42  Standing  Mehong Meditation
 Relaxation  1:20  Seated  Tranquility
 Weight Workout  11:30  Seated  Sempler FidelisNight RiderNigerian RevelryOld Time Villain


The Season 8 Workout also includes an 11-minute Workout With
Weights segment. (Released in 2007)

This fun new program features upbeat music and focuses on:

  • core strengthening
  • flexibility
  • balance
  • strength
  • agility
  • circulation
  • range of motion


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