THE ALL AMERICAN WORKOUT – DVD (in-house duplication)


• Video contains one full body workout

• Features Special Guest Lori McCormick, PT

• Both seated and standing versions of exercises are shown

• NOTE: We now duplicate this DVD in-house from our edit system. It will be delivered in a clear case, not as pictured.


The All American Workout contains one full body workout with Mary Ann Wilson, RN, and Lori McCormick, PT to provide both seated and standing versions of Sit and Be Fit exercises. Toe-tapping music and wonderfully effective routines help to stretch tight muscles and strengthen weak muscles. Not an aerobic workout. This video includes resistance routines that use an exercise band. Studies show that resistance training helps to tone muscle and increase strength. If your doctor has advised you not to do resistance exercises, the movements can be performed without the band. (Released in 2001)
NOTE: Those with high blood pressure should consult with their doctor before doing any resistance exercises.

The workout is lively, fun, and vigorous, and it helps to increase flexibility and strengthen muscles. It is beneficial for a variety of conditions and problem areas, such as shoulder, elbow, knee, balance, and osteoporosis-however, this video is not the first choice for those with osteoporosis.

Click here for YouTube video demo.

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Total running time: approximately 27 minutes.


Warm-Up                                        4:07                   Seated/Standing

Finger Exercises                             3:04                  Seated

Exercise Band/ Upper Body         3:34                  Seated

Exercise Band/ Lower Body         3:35                  Seated/Standing

Leg Strengthening                          4:00                 Seated/Standing

Stretching Exercises                      2:00                  Seated/Standing

Visual Relaxation                            1:00                  Seated