Feet Exercises with Towel

Towel Exercises for your Feet By Mary Ann Wilson, RN Feet exercises are an important part of healthy aging. There are three goals to keep in mind when designing a workout for foot care. 1. Increase circulationOur feet suffer more circulation problems than any other part of our body. As we age it becomes more […]

Exercises for Diabetes

Here are some great exercises for those managing Diabetes. By Mary Ann Wilson, RN EXERCISES FOR POSTURE AND BREATHINGBegin seated in a chair with good posture, feet flat on the floor. DEEP BREATHING EXERCISEStarting position: sitting or standing. While inhaling deeply, pull elbows backwards. Inhale slowly with the back just slightly arched for a count […]


DIABETES By Mary Ann Wilson, RN Diabetes is a serious disorder that affects approximately 17 million people in the US. It is the 5th deadliest disease in the country, contributing to over 200,000 deaths each year. It has no cure. Diabetes stems from either a failure to produce or to properly use the hormone insulin. […]

Diabetes Testimonials

Controlling Diabetes With Exercise Helps Viewers! “Just a note to let you know that your exercises have been of tremendous help to me. It is amazing how my balance and strength have improved. I think the secret to your workout is that all of the muscles are involved. I have had diabetic peripheral neuropathy for […]