By Piper Peterson, PT Osteopenia is one of two words used to describe the density of your bones, the other being Osteoporosis. Bones reach their normal “peak” density by age 30. Beginning in middle age, bone cells are reabsorbed by the body faster than new bone is made so that bones have less mass (density) […]

Osteoporosis Testimonials

“You are a special friend that comes into my home 5 days a week. My osteoporosis, arthritis and ruptured disc are all improving day by day, thanks to your exercises. I’m grateful to you for giving me (and I’m sure others) a second chance at living in less pain. Keep it up – you’re great! […]

Osteoporosis Health Tips

Osteoporosis (porous bones) is a disease of the skeleton in which bones lose density and become thin, weak, and brittle. The risk of fracture is greatly increased. Some bone loss is normal with advancing age, but if inadequate bone was developed during youth, or if bone loss is excessive, osteoporosis results.  Here are some Osteoporosis […]