RN Testimonials

“I too am a RN and have exercised all my life, but now that I’m older I have to slow down and do everything the easy way. Your program seems to solve all the problems of the elderly. Thank you for Sit and Be Fit.” Ms. Grace Jenkins El Cajon, CA “I am writing to […]

Doctor Testimonials

Doctor Testimonials “Just a note to give you some history. I’ve just recently started watching your TV program (Sit and Be Fit). However, many years ago while I was in the hospital and unable to walk more than ten yards, I began exercising with you from the TV in my room. To the surprise of […]

PBS Station Testimonials

“I had my 90th birthday in May and I attribute my good health and ability to move and walk so well to you.  I’m greatful that both KWSU and KSPS carry your Sit and Be Fit- that is the reason I contribute to those two public television stations.  Thank you for your program.” Jeanne R. […]

Arthritis Testimonials

“Your program has become a daily requirement for me.  It has made a real improvement  in how my 89 year-old body feels- my posture is better and I feel stronger and I think it has helped with arthritis also.  Best of all I never feel sore just more relaxed.  Keep up the good work. !!!!” […]

Feet Testimonials

“I am 44 years old. The last 3 years my form of exercise has been walking. I love walking. My feet started to hurt when I walked. This past August my feet were really hurting so I went to the doctor and discovered that I have planter’s fasciitis. I am to rest my feet and […]

Pre and Post Surgery Testimonials

“In preparation for a heart procedure, I have been exercising along with you for several months now and have noticed improved balance, breathing capacity, and a straighter posture…Friends tell my I am in good shape and that’s why I came out of a three-and-one-half hour invasive procedure with no pain and energy to spare.” Carolyn […]

Motivates Testimonials

“I have been participating in the Sit and Be Fit program most weekdays for over a year.  Not only has the program suited my exercise needs, I have found it to be fun, encouraging and motivation.  I greatly enjoy Mary Ann and Gretchen with their contagious, up beat and positive energy.  As well, the music […]