RN Testimonials

“I too am a RN and have exercised all my life, but now that I’m older I have to slow down and do everything the easy way. Your program seems to solve all the problems of the elderly. Thank you for Sit and Be Fit.” Ms. Grace Jenkins El Cajon, CA “I am writing to […]

Arthritis Testimonials

“Your program has become a daily requirement for me.  It has made a real improvement  in how my 89 year-old body feels- my posture is better and I feel stronger and I think it has helped with arthritis also.  Best of all I never feel sore just more relaxed.  Keep up the good work. !!!!” […]

Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow “Tennis elbow” refers to a variety of injuries of the elbow. These injuries include: • strains and tears of the forearm muscle as it connects to the tendon, which in turn connects to the bone • partial tears of the tendon where it connects to the elbow bone • inflammation at the muscle-tendon […]