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Sit and Be Fit is a non-profit organization that produces America's award winning television exercise series, Sit and Be Fit.  Each chair exercise program is carefully researched and designed by host Mary Ann Wilson, RN and a team of physical therapists, doctors, and exercise specialists. Sit and Be Fit has been broadcast since 1987 on PBS stations to over 86 million U.S. households annually, and is recognized by the National Council on Aging (NCOA) as a "Best Practice" program in health promotion and aging. 


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More About Our Health and Wellness Programming

Sit and Be Fit has earned a loyal following and improves the health and wellness of older adults, seniors, and kids, as well as, physically limited individuals and those managing chronic conditions and chronic pain.

Sit and Be Fit functional fitness workouts are designed to be done from both a seated workout and a standing workout position. While our programs are designed for senior fitness and rehabilitation they are also ideal for workplace and office settings because the movements can be done at a desk. If you need a quick "pick-me-up" at work while you're sitting at your computer check out some great exercises on our Youtube Sit and Be Fit TV Show channel. You can also find us on Facebook! Workplace Workout



Follow the link to some funny outtakes from last summer.  Enjoy!

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