Mary Ann Wilson, RN Executive Director, Founder

Ms. Wilson is the creator and host of public television’s Sit and Be Fit™, the half hour exercise program designed for older adults and those needing slow gentle movement. The syndicated series has been airing for more than 30 years on PBS stations throughout the United States and Canada. Sit and Be Fit is recognized by the National Council on Aging (NCOA) as a “Best Practices” program in health promotion and aging.

Wilson began her career as a registered nurse, specializing in rehabilitation, post-polio care and geriatrics. Her pioneering work in the field of senior fitness programming has won her international recognition as a leader in the healthy aging movement. In 2017 Wilson was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame. She has appeared on the Today Show and been the recipient of numerous national health, wellness and media awards.

Mary Ann is certified by the American Council on Exercise and is a member of the American Society on Aging and the National Council on the Aging. She served on the Fourth International Congress for Physical Activity, Aging, and Sports in Heidelberg Germany, and as a Region 10 delegate to the Health Promotion Institute on the National Council on the Aging. Wilson currently serves on the National Advisory Board for the American Senior Fitness Association.

In addition to the television series, Ms. Wilson is the producer of 34 home exercise products including workouts for those managing arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), stroke rehabilitation as well as products for brain fitness, balance, safe driving and caregivers. Wilson has appeared as a columnist on senior health matters and lectures across the United States on topics relating to senior fitness, caregiving, and workplace wellness. She has published 2 manuals: Caregiver’s Guide to Exercise and Chair Exercise for Seniors and authored the Sit and Be Fit Chair Exercise Basics continuing education course published by Human Kinetics. Wilson teaches senior fitness classes and is Executive Director of the Sit and Be Fit non-profit organization. 

Gretchen Wilson of Sit and Be Fit

Gretchen Wilson, Producer/Director

Gretchen Wilson has been with the Sit and Be Fit team for 25 years. She produces and directs the Sit and Be Fit television series and serves as the Chief Operating Officer for the non-profit organization. Wilson is the host of the Boomer Be Fit Workout DVD and appears with her mother, TV host Mary Ann Wilson RN, on the Sit and Be Fit television series. She produced and appeared on a one hour television special, Successful Aging in the Northwest. Wilson is certified as a senior fitness instructor through ACE (American Council on Exercise) and the SFA (Senior Fitness Association). She is a trained SAIL (Stay Active and Independent For Life) instructor and facilitates train-the-trainer courses on topics related to senior fitness and workplace wellness throughout the country. Wilson is a contributing author to the Human Kinetics continuing education course, Chair Exercises Basics, and authored the BET course (Balance Enhancement Training). She’s an active member of the Spokane Falls Free Coalition steering committee, partnering with the Spokane Regional Health District. Wilson has a Bachelor of Arts specializing in business and television production studies from Washington State University and Eastern Washington University.

Piper Peterson, Physical Therapist

Piper Peterson is a physical therapist who has worked in this field since 1983. She earned a BA in English from Wheaton College, an LPN from Yakima Valley College, and both a BS in Physical Therapy and an MPH from Loma Linda University. Ms. Peterson has been working with the Sit and Be Fit team for several years. She is a certified instructor for Stay Active & Independent for Life (S.A.I.L.) classes for the Spokane County Health Department. She is also a coach for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training, preparing individuals to participate in marathon and half marathon events. She began running in 2007 and has completed more than 40 marathons in various locations around the world, including Bangkok, Paris, and Venice, in addition to several Boston marathons. Ms. Peterson currently resides in Spokane, Washington, with her husband, John, and their 3 dachshunds, Sooner, Later and Never.

Our Consultant Team

Sit and Be Fit consults with health and fitness specialists from a variety of disciplines. Please join us in thanking the following for sharing their expertise and passion with our viewers.

Jeff Brooks, PT

Dr. Karl Knopf, Ed. D. FEOAA

Lynn Kohlmeier, M.D. Spokane Osteoporosis Center

John Mckinnon, PT, OCS Four Seasons Physical Therapy

Julie Paull, OTR/L, Applause Hand Therapy

Piper Peterson, PT, Mph

Mary Ann Sharkey, PT, PhD

James Strandy, PT, CHT, CEA, Summit Rehabilitation Associates

Susan Taylor, Pt Four Seasons Physical Therapy

Scott Totton, Nasm, Cpt, Opt

Wendy E.S. Repovich, Ph.D, FACSM, Director Of Exercise Science, Eastern Washington University

Kelly F. Risse, MS, PT, Physical Therapy Associates, Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation

Shawn Clum, RRT,  St. John’s Lutheran Hospital

Heidi Jibby, RRT, St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute

Kristin Rue, Pt, Ncs Gentiva Home Health

Lynn Aley, MSPT, St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute

Tracey Cosgrove, PT, OCS, University of Washington Medical Center

Jeff Hart, PT, CSCS, U-District Physical Therapy

Robert Hoctor, OTR/L, ATP, Summit Rehabilitation Associates

Howard Kenney, MD, Arthritis Northwest Rheumatology

Travis Knight, Nsca-Cpppt, Cscs, U-District Physical Therapy

Rob Parker, MS, PT, OCS, ATC, COMT, Whitworth Physical Therapy

Diane Pickens, PT, Holy Family Rehabilitation Institute

Tim Pretare, Recreational Specialist, Seattle Parks & Recreation

Valerie Wang, PT, St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute

Ellen Corman, MRA, Stanford University Medical Center

Peter Faletto, Pt, Pure Physical Therapy

Lori J. Mccormick, PT, Fitness Specialist, Touchmark

Kathy Oswald, MPT, Sequoia Hospital Rehabilitation

Altari Sunra Peterson, MA, LMP, Oriental Healing Art Specialist, Little Soha

Felice Rhiannon, E-RYT, Transformative Yoga Therapy

April Watson, MPH, RD, Sequoia Hospital, Community Wellness

Celia Bonino, Ms

Patrice Christensen, PHN

Margaret Dougherty, OTRL/L

Katie O. Flynn, Mot, OTR/L

Marla Mather, ORT/L

Smita Shukla, OTR/L

Marilynn Larkin, Posture-Cize.

Sonja Arganbright, ARNP

Debbie Maxwell, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Deaconess Health Center

Sandra Dearman, Neuro Net Specialist

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors meets twice a year and oversees the Sit and Be Fit 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Mary Ann Wilson, RN: Executive Director, Spokane, WA

Sandra Philbin, BS: Spokane, WA

Dr. Karl Knopf: Fitness Educators of Active Adults (FEOAA), Sunnyvale, CA

Dr. Lynn Kohlmeier: Endocrine Associates of Spokane PLLC, Spokane, WA

Dr. J.F. Lawhead: Spokane, WA

Andrew McDirmid, C.P.A.: McDirmid, Mikkelsen & Secrest, P.S., Spokane, WA

Gretchen Wilson: SIT AND BE FIT Producer/Director, Communications Specialist, Spokane, WA

Judge Patty Connolly Walker: Spokane, WA

Kate Coomes, Polestar Pilates Instructor: Spokane, WA

Lisa Paternoster: Spokane, WA

Toni Ganey: Spokane, WA

Judge Jeff Smith: Spokane, WA

Scott Totton: NASM, CPT, OPT

Our Staff

We have a small, but dedicated staff. Please feel free to contact them with questions or for assistance.

Customer Service: Kathy Morris, [email protected]

Office Manager: Casandra Carsten Weldon, [email protected]

Media and Outreach: Gretchen Wilson, [email protected]

Social Media: Gretchen Wilson, [email protected]

Our Production Team

Executive Producer & Host: Mary Ann Wilson, [email protected]

Producer and Assistant Director: Gretchen Wilson, [email protected]

Assistant Producer: Casandra Carsten Weldon, [email protected]