Sit and Be Fit is recommended by doctors and physical therapists for patients who need a safe, gentle, exercise program to maintain functional fitness. Health care professionals play an important role in encouraging patients to begin an exercise program.

Doctor Office Resources

Sit and Be Fit has a variety of useful resources for healthcare providers.

  1. Health and wellness media content available for doctor offices, waiting rooms and in-house hospital TV systems. For more information, contact [email protected].
  2. Free patient DVDs or discounts for your patient resource library, contact [email protected].
  3. The NIH offers a free full color print booklet with a variety of exercises appropriate for older adults and seniors. Your office can order a bulk amount of these books and make them available to your patients by visiting their website
  4. The National Institute on Aging offers a free exercise DVDs for older adults available online.

Doctor and Healthcare Professional Comments

“The SIT AND BE FIT program is practical, effective and inspiring. It repeatedly makes the point that our bodies are our most precious possession. It is highly recommended.”

Walter M. Bortz II, M.D.
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine
Stanford University School of Medicine
Best Selling Author, “We Live Too Short and Die Too Long”

“Your SIT AND BE FIT videos have brought the importance of exercise to the geriatric and less mobile population with significant benefit. I can strongly endorse these videos.”

John A. Fagan, M.D.
Geriatric Specialist
Rockwood Clinic. P.S.
Spokane, WA

“Marilyn Ginnevan has been under my care for approximately ten years. It is my opinion that since she started your exercise program her physical as well as mental condition has improved significantly. I would like to commend you on your Sit and Be Fit program. I have seen great results.”

Robert E. Sanders, M.D.
8981 Norwin Avenue, Suite 101
North Huntington, PA

“I am a rheumatologist working in the Lansing area and have deeply enjoyed this tape and would like to purchase several of them for my patients. If you could be so kind as to send me information it would be deeply appreciated not only by myself, but by many of my patients.”

Carol Beals, M.D.
Beals Institute
4333 West St. Joseph
Lansing, MI

“As a son, I am pleased to see a program that my mother enjoys so much. As a physician, the compliance she shows is gratifying. I am fond of saying that in rehabilitation there are two problems a patient may face — the problem that brought them to me, and the problem they will get if they do not keep moving. Programs like yours provide optimism. They are a stepping stone for some and an end in themselves for others who would not otherwise exercise at all. Please keep up your efforts. You are making a difference.”

Brian F. Boyle, MD
Specialist, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
4 Markvue Circle
Greensburg, PA 15601

“I have just previewed your Sit and Be Fit video and it is excellent. I can highly recommend this video to anyone who deals with the elderly, and will any chance I get. Please consider me a colleague and call me if you need information, resources or simply to share an idea.”

Amy Baxter, Coordinator
Office of Health Education
South Carolina Department of Health
2600 Bull Street
Columbia, SC

“I fully endorse this program as an excellent way to maintain increased overall muscle strength, especially if one is confined to a chair. I look forward to trying the program in our Occupational Therapy group at Deaconess Rehab Institute.”

Karen Stanek, M.D.
Deaconess Rehabilitation Institute
711 South Cowley
Spokane, WA

“Your All-Sitting exercise video is an excellent reinforcement to breathing, to maintaining proper body alignment, and to which muscle is being used. [Includes] instructions on passive strengthening of major muscle groups and range of motion for all body parts, joints, and muscles.”

Joyce Kratz Klatt, M.S.
Exercise Physiologist
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Heart Institute of Spokane, WA

“Our office was impressed with the (Specialty Osteoporosis) video tape’s content and professionalism. We will be ordering (it) for our office. We will probably be recommending the tape to our patients by giving them the flyer…Again, thank you for sharing this information with me.”

Robin Borger, RN
North Shore Diabetes and Endocrine Associates
New Hyde Park, NY

“I just watched a Sit and Be Fit show on television and loved it! I am only 34 years old, but recently began working in a hospital with geriatric patients, and will be assisting with an exercise-activity soon. Your show was perfect for our clients and the music added stimulation as well. Thanks a million.”

Charles Czuba
7534 Bradford
Houston, TX

“Mary Ann Wilson does a tremendous job! The program has helped me personally and I recommend it to many of my patients and colleagues.”

Norma Crockett
Licensed Psychologist
1870 Curva Pasto
Green Valley, AZ

“I am a Mental Health Counselor at a residential facility for mentally ill adults and have been using your Sit and Be Fit exercise programs weekly with my clients. They have been very receptive to the routines and participation has increased weekly. Their feedback regarding this program and the consistency they have shown has really been wonderful.”

Jenelle Slobof
Community Care Corporation
2516 East 24th Street
Minneapolis, MN

“Please send ordering instructions regarding the fitness video “Sit and Be Fit”. The local Lung Association has recommended the video to promote general fitness for respiratory impaired individuals.”

Barbara J. Barden, RN
Nursing Care Coordinator
Veterans Hospital
13000 North 30th Street
Tampa, FL

“I am a clinical social worker in private practice specializing in working with older persons and their families. I feel comfortable about recommending your program.”

Merle Updike Davis
1235 Marin Ave.
Albany, CA

“While watching television I was happy to see a program called Sit and Be Fit that presented exercises for geriatric patients, especially those with some arthritis. As a physician, the chief complaint that I receive in geriatric practice concerns muscle and joint pain. I plan to show a copy of the Sit and Be Fit videotape to my patients.”

J.A. Hudson, Jr., MD
Highway 29 West
P.O. Box AF
Burnet, TX

“I am a certified aerobics instructor and I wanted you to know that I think your program is wonderful. As a bursitis sufferer myself, I am always interested in ways to keep people fit who may have some range of motion difficulties. Your program is well rounded and based in sound safe exercises as well as being informational and, dare I say fun and fresh. Some of your movements seem similar to physical therapy exercises. Keep up the good work.”

Linda Doerschuk
Certified Aerobics Instructor
434D Nicholson Rd.
Ft. Sheridan, IL

“I was very impressed with (the CAREGIVER’S GUIDE TO EXERCISE videotape) (add link). There are many facets of the senior market and you are to be commended for targeting what is probably the most challenging group. You addressed the cardiovascular as well as the biomechanical limitations of this special population with superb forethought and understanding. From your cueing and patterning to your encouragement and caring you have truly done an outstanding job.””

Greg Welch, M.S.
512 Laguna Place
Seal Beach, CA

“It is hard for older people to exercise and the Sit and Be Fit Caregiver’s Workout is well done, it is humorous, positive, has happy thoughts and is upbeat. The closing genre reflecting on joy is helpful for the person who is ill and needs care.”

Rachel Hosner
Technical Consultant
Faith in Action

“I am very familiar with the Sit and Be Fit program. For my significantly ill cardiac patients and my elderly or infirm patients it provides a good, safe baseline conditioning program. It is also fun for them.”

Robert N. Notske
Spokane, WA

“I can’t tell you how much I enjoy Mary Ann Wilson’s daily television program. It is magnificent!”

M.L. Samuel, M.D.
Houston, TX

“The SIT AND BE FIT Osteoporosis Workout II is not only a great place to start gentle exercise but also a fantastic base from which to build more rigorous and intensive exercise programs when possible.”

Dr. Lynn Kohlmeier,MD

Director of Spokane Osteoporosis Centers

Clinical Instructor of Medicine at University of Washington

“A fun, simple and easy program that provides an excellent defense in the prevention of falls.  The Sit and Be Fit Balance and Fall Prevention Workout is great for individuals at home or for groups in community-based fall prevention programs.”

Michael E. Rogers, PhD, CSCS, FACSM Research Director

Center for Physical Activity and Aging

Wichita State University

“A wonderful contribution toward the health and well-being of older adults.  The Sit and Be Fit Balance and Fall Prevention Workout is in keeping with federal initiatives for preventive programs especially in the area of balance and falls.  I recommend it without reservation.”

Jennifer M. Bottomly, PT, MS, PhD

President, Section on Geriatrics

APTA Geriatric Rehabilitation Program Consultant, Boston, MA