Help us achieve our mission of making free health and wellness media available to everyone. Thank you for advocating senior fitness programming in your community. Thank you for speaking up.

Reach Out To Your PBS StationIn the world of public television, your voice matters.

  1. If your local PBS station doesn’t air our programs…call the Program Director or the person in charge of programming.  Your enthusiasm may be contagious. Prompt them to consider how Sit and Be Fit would benefit your community.
  2. If your local PBS station airs Sit and Be Fit…call and thank the Program Director and/or General Manager for prioritizing the needs of older viewers.
  3. If your local PBS station doesn’t air Sit and Be Fit as often as you would like, or at convenient times…give them a call to see if they might consider airing the program more often, or in a better time slot. Find the number of your PBS station here.

 Advocate to Family and Friends

  1. Tell family, friends, and neighbors about Sit and Be Fit. Let them know when, and where, the program airs in your community. To find where the program airs in other parts of the United States go to Where We Air.
  2. Watch Sit and Be Fit together.

Advocate to Healthcare Providers

  1. Let your physicians and healthcare providers know about Sit and Be Fit.
  2. Sit and Be Fit has free brochures available for doctors offices and clinics. They can be ordered by e-mail by writing [email protected] or by calling us, toll-free (888)678-9438.

Speak to Your Local Library

  1. Sit and Be Fit DVD’s are offered to public libraries at a discount. Most public libraries take suggestions from patrons about what new resources they would like the library to invest in.