Includes 2 Full body Workouts and 6 Mini Segments
Standing Exercises are also demonstrated Seated
Total Running time: 183 Minutes

We can also bundle this DVD with an exercise manual for trainers


The exercise band is a natural latex rubber band, 6 inches wide and 4 feet long, used by physical therapists and fitness professionals.



Produced by the award-winning TV series, Sit and Be Fit, this 2 disc workout DVD is perfect for those seeking to maintain or regain functional fitness. Host, Mary Ann Wilson, RN, leads viewers through exercises to help improve strength, range of motion, balance, dexterity, cognitive functioning and mood. The variety of fun, practical, exercises also makes this DVD an ideal resource for fitness instructors.

Disc 1 Contains:

Workout #1 Functional Fitness

Seated Warm-up & Circulation Exercises 18:00

Seated Band Strengthening 7:00

Standing Balance, Strengthening & Stretching 10:00

Seated Relaxation 2:00

Workout #2 Chair Exercise Basics

Seated Warm-up, Circulation & Brain Exercises 15:00

Seated Finger & Stretching with Towel 6:30

Seated Band Strengthening 4:00

Standing Balance, Strengthening & Stretching 6:00

Seated Relaxation 4:00

Bonus Features: Yardstick Warm-up (3:30), Upper Body Strengthening (5:00),

Facial Exercises (3:30)

Disc 2 Contains:

6 Mini Segments

Balance & Gait Exercises 15:00

Core Strengthening 15:00

Feet Exercises 20.00

Finger & Hand Exercises 12:00

Large Ball Exercises 15:00

Wall Exercises 10:00

All videos with an exercise band include a band with the video, but Large Balls, Small Balls and Towels are not included with videos.

Link to Add Large Ball, Link to Add Towel, Link to Add Small Ball

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Bands Size

Light, Medium


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