Mary Ann and physical therapist, Lori McCormick, demonstrate exercises that focus on increasing circulation. Also features special guest, Dr. Lynn Kohlmeier, who offers advice on improving diabetes through diet and exercise.

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Diabetes is characterized by the body’s inability to control frequent and prolonged elevations of blood sugar. The danger: chronically high blood sugar levels damage the blood vessels leading to poor circulation which can affect the entire body, including the major organs, the nerves, and extending to the legs and feet. Dr. Lynn Kohlmeier, M.D. offers suggestions for controlling diabetes with diet and exercise.  Mary Ann Wilson, RN and Lori McCormick, PT demonstrate exercises that focus on improving circulation with special attention given to the feet. Workout includes slow, gentle footwork to increase circulation and sensory stimulation. (Released in 2006)

A small ball is used to facilitate various movements. Both seated and standing versions are demonstrated.

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 Seated Warm-Up 3:49
 Seated Circulation 2:20
 Seated Finger/Ball Routine 4:00
 Seated Feet/Ball Routine 3:36
 Standing/Seated Leg Exercises 2:15
 Standing/Seated Stretching 2:30
 Seated Relaxation 1:30


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