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Children exercising with SIT AND BE FIT…
an unanticipated bonus for the popular senior fitness series.

An avid fan Mia doing her Sit and Be Fit Workout.

Mary Ann and Tiffany Abrams in the Green Room at KSPS. 7/25/2012

Children Exercising With SIT AND BE FIT Have This To Say…….

“I really like SIT AND BE FIT a lot because it’s fun! Every time I watch I feel good.”

Isiah C.

Age 5


“My daughter (11) and I have been exercising with SIT AND BE FIT everyday this summer. We both enjoy it very much and it’s a good daily activity to do over the summer. My daughter is a very talented dancer and she feels it is important for her to exercise her muscles so she can become an even better dancer.”

Dion and Josephine

Houston, TX


“It is 3:00 and I just finished watching SIT AND BE FIT. Mary Ann Wilson is my favorite person in the whole world. Your show is very relaxing. You’re always smiling and so nice.”

Jessica H.

Age 12


“Your program, SIT AND BE FIT, is perfect for my 15 month old granddaughter. You are reinforcing her new words like up up, down down, sit; counting 1 – 2 – 1 – 2; and again again. It is a nice supplement to her Baby Einstein videos and Teletubbies.”

Carol K., referring to

Haley, 15 months




“The SIT AND BE FIT Kid’s Workout (VHS) (DVD) is excellent. My own children as well as my day care kids really enjoy it. It helps pass the winter months when outdoor play time is limited because of the snow and coldness. Even my 2 1/2 year old tries to imitate it. My own children have special needs. My oldest has down syndrome. The video is so good in helping him with his fine & gross motor skills & strengthening his muscles in a fun way. You should make sure other day care providers know about these exercise programs.”


Lara L.

Airway Hts, WA


*The SIT AND BE FIT television series is an abundant supply of  free exercise programs for daycare providers. Check the Where We Air to see if SIT AND BE FIT airs regularly in your area.  Getting children started in a daily exercise program introduces them to the concept of making exercise part of their daily life. For other exercise programs for daycare providers, please contact the SIT AND BE FIT office at (509) 448-9438.

According to Neilson demographic data:

  • Children, ages 2-11 make up the second largest demographic group of SIT AND BE FIT viewers, second only to women 65+.
  • 44,000 children ages 2-11 viewed SIT AND BE FIT during the month of July.

This unlikely match-up between children and SIT AND BE FIT reflects:

  • Host, Mary Ann Wilson’s calm, gentle voice and manner, perfect for leading children’s exercise classes.
  • The fun, challenging exercise movements used in SIT AND BE FIT programs appeal to children.
  • Programming variety keeps children exercising without becoming bored.
  • Colorful, upbeat music used on SIT AND BE FIT is well-suited for children and exercise.






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