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The start of a new year naturally infuses us with determination to make certain life changes. Often they are things we’ve long thought about but never seen through to completion. This urge to purge, organize, plan and resolve is a great place to start, however the hard part is seeing it through. It’s the day-to-day execution that gets us off track. This is where most of us stumble.

Here is my New Year’s wish for you:
1. Make a resolution to exercise with me 5 days a week.
2. Focus on the best time of day for you to do your SIT AND BE FIT exercises. Put it on your calendar and regard it as you would an     appointment with your doctor. Don’t allow anything to interfere.
3. Be flexible about the length of time you devote to exercise each day. Consider 5 minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes as fulfilling your obligation. Let’s face it, life is unpredictable and we have to make allowances. I’m sure you can find 5 minutes out of your busiest day to exercise! Surprisingly what usually happens is that once you do 5 minutes, you want to do more. What this strategy does is eliminate the guilt for not putting in a full 30 minutes. Thus, you won’t be discouraged and just quit!
If Sit and Be Fit isn’t aired in your community five days a week at a time that works well for you, I have a great solution. We’ve put together a New Year’s package that includes two complete seasons. All of the episodes from Season 12 and 13 (a total of 40 half hour workouts) will be available for $100 (a $57.90 savings) along with a free exercise band. If you did one show a day (5 days a week), for 8 weeks, you will be on your way to establishing a positive fitness habit.

Over the last two days, I have reviewed all 40 programs and am amazed at the huge variety of exercises these two seasons include. Almost every program in Season 12 focuses on exercises for head and neck alignment so if neck and shoulders are your vulnerable areas, I know you will benefit from this series.
And there is so much more in the 40 shows. Starting with plenty of posture and breathing exercises and including weight shifting, balance, gait and abdominal exercises, reaction time, patting and tapping, sensory awareness, pelvic floor strengthening, towel exercises, eye exercises, vestibular system, unique finger workouts using a pencil, feet exercises, a variety of movements using a large and small ball plus wall exercises.

Here is a bonus: If you wake up grumpy and need a good laugh to get your day started, tune in to Show 1210 where I do facial and eye exercises for sensory awareness. I guarantee the “Flubber Blubber” exercise will put a smile on your face!

If you don’t already have these workouts in your DVD library and would like to have your own set of Season 12 and 13, this is a good time to take advantage of the opportunity. Here is the link to get you started. CLICK HERE. Please, let me know what your favorite episodes are from Season 12 and 13 and why you like them. This will help me develop future programs that interest you and motivate you to continue exercising.

Whatever your New Year’s goals are, stick with them! Take time to invest in yourself. You are worth it! Good luck and God Bless your success.

Mary Ann Wilson

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