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We are in the midst of pre-production, getting ready to tape 20 new Sit and Be Fit episodes. If you have any ideas or comments for us about how we can improve our program, please let me know! I welcome your thoughts and feedback. Be assured if you respond to this newsflash, I will use your input, if at all possible, during our summer taping. After all, this is really your program. I do what I do with the intention of helping you become your best healthy and fit self!

During one or two episodes of the new series, we will be taking our shoes off and working in bare or stocking feet. The purpose of these types of exercises is to build awareness and sensation on the bottom of our feet. Unfortunately, the very act of wearing shoes desensitizes the sensory receptors in the bottom of the feet. We need to wake those sensors up and get them working so you can enjoy the best balance possible.

Here is one of the exercises you can start practicing:

Toe & Towel Scrunch Exercise for Somatosensory Strengthening
Remove your socks and shoes and sit comfortably towards the front of your chair. Place 2 hand towels on the floor in front of your feet, lengthwise. Imagine they are two long runways shooting forward from your toes. One towel should be in front of each foot. With your toes only, begin to pull the towels in towards your feet. You can work on one foot at a time to give the other foot a break, or you can work both feet at the same time. The idea is to keep your heels planted and slowly scrunch the towel up under your feet and toes, until you have pulled the whole towel in towards you. If you chose to do both feet at the same time, you can have them race to see which foot pulls the towel in first. Once you have mastered that move, reverse the action, using your toes only, begin pushing the towel away from the foot, inch by inch, again leaving the heels planted. Don’t forget to use good posture as you practice. Keep your eyes on the horizon, not looking down. Try to use your peripheral vision to sense what your feet are doing. Practice this exercise often! It’s a great way to do something good for yourself when you are watching TV.

Wish us luck this summer in making a new season that will help as many people as possible stay functionally fit and feeling well. I look forward to your ideas, if you have any. In the meantime, take care of yourself and smile as often as you can!

Warmest regards,
Mary Ann Wilson

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