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Each year at this time, my thoughts naturally travel back to March 2010, when I met an extraordinary woman whose story touched my heart and taught me about the seriousness of a condition I gave little thought, up to that point.

The woman was Melanie Bloom and she was spearheading a movement to make millions of people aware of the devastation that can be caused when we are oblivious to the consequences of a condition that can be described with just three little letters…DVT…(deep vein thrombosis).

You may recall the headlines reporting the loss of her husband, NBC news correspondent, David Bloom, who was covering the war in Iraq in 2003. His death was not caused by a land mine or artillery shelling; instead the enemy was a DVT.
I’ve written about deep vein thrombosis many times in the past and I encourage you to follow the links to more in depth information regarding DVT. DVT LINK

The most important thing for you to know is that DVT can be avoided by keeping your body moving. Be sure to include both upper and lower body movements that will stimulate circulation. Here is one exercise you can start incorporating into your daily life.

Allow your arms just to dangle loosely down at your sides. In this position, begin shaking, only your hands, as though you were trying to dry them off after washing them.
Once you get a good shake going, allow the movement to rise up to the lower arms from the elbows.
Next, initiate the shaking from the shoulders resulting in a full rhythmic vibration from shoulders to fingertips.
Keep the movement going in the arms and add a fast heel bouncing in both feet.
Add a full body bouncing movement by jiggling up and down in your seat.
Try this exercise standing too!
In addition to improving circulation, vibrating body movements activate the brain and provide overall body stimulation. You may feel a little silly doing this exercise in public, so it might be a good idea to give it a try when you’re by yourself. Let me know what you think. I would love your feedback!

Until we meet again, stay active and keep moving!

Your friend,

Mary Ann Wilson


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