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Let’s talk about bottled water. Secrets are usually an attempt to hide something, so if you buy bottled water here’s something you should know. The Environmental Work Group conducted a survey of bottled water companies to find out:
1. Water source?
2. Is water tested and if so, what contaminants were found?
3. Is water purified?

Nine out of the top ten selling brands were NOT willing to answer these 3 questions. Of the 173 companies surveyed only 3 companies received a good rating for transparency.
1. Nestle’s Pure Life Water
2. Gerber Pure Purified Water
3. Penta Ultra-Purified Water
Nestle’s Pure Life Water is the only company that answers all three questions on their label, including where to request a copy of their water quality test reports.

Here’s something else that I found out when I was doing research for this newsflash. Bottled water is not under the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) jurisdiction like our municipal water supply and therefore not tested. This means, depending on your municipal water supply, drinking water out of the tap is possibly safer.

Unfortunately, as we age, we often lose the sensation of being thirsty which leads to dehydration. Cellular dehydration contributes to a whole host of hidden problems, robbing us of our good health and vitality. Odds are you could benefit from drinking more water. One of the side benefits of increasing your daily water intake is many more trips to the bathroom. At first this may seem like a nuisance. However, if viewed as one small way to get more exercise, it becomes a positive!

That’s all the time we have for now. Keep up the good work of exercise and don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

Wishing you the best always!

Mary Ann Wilson

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  1. Since there’s an obscene amount of plastic clogging the earth’s surface and oceans, I don’t buy plastic bottled water. When traveling I fill my aluminum bottles with filtered water at home.
    As a member of EWG I urge everyone to join.

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