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Dear Friends,

I’ve been asked time and time again if I would consider offering personal training to viewers using Skype, an interactive platform where people can see and hear each other LIVE via the internet. My staff has been encouraging me to offer these one-on-one coaching sessions…so I’ve decided to test the idea. My hope is to get feedback from those of you who might want to participate. Your comments will help us determine whether or not this is a valuable service that Sit and Be Fit should be offering. For more information contact, [email protected].

Gretchen and I have just returned from presenting at a Health and Wellness conference held at a beautiful Spa Resort in Alabama on the Gulf of Mexico. In this month’s newsflash I’ll focus on some of the things we learned at the conference about the brain from Dr. Jeffery Keller Ph.D., a leading expert in the field of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Keller, along with colleagues across the U.S., is carrying out clinical trials and conducting research aimed at treating these conditions. He believes that, because of the complexity of the brain, we are still years away from having available treatments for the general population. In the meantime, he advocates for healthy lifestyle changes and recommends these guidelines as the best known “current line-of-defense” against dementia and Alzheimer’s.

1. Get at least 8 hours of sleep daily.
2. Walk at least 5000 steps every day.
3. Reduce your stress levels.
4. Continue learning new things and doing things in new ways. For example, don’t drive to work the same way every day. Repetition does NOT contribute to sharpening of the mind while mental flexibility and multi-tasking help preserve cognitive functioning.
5. If you’re concerned about changes that are taking place, especially if you feel that something isn’t quite right, ask your healthcare provider to refer you to a neurologist or other specialist who can evaluate you. This process provides a baseline and helps to rule out other conditions which have similar symptoms such as B12 deficiency and hypothyroidism.

Reducing stress levels and getting 8 hours of sleep daily are my two biggest personal challenges. These lifestyle changes will definitely take a strong commitment but I know the benefits will be well worth it. I hope you will join me in applying Dr. Keller’s wisdom to your life. Wishing you success on this journey! Until we meet again, stay happy and healthy.

Warmest regards,

Mary Ann Wilson

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