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Life is beginning to get back to normal after production. One of the main topics we researched for the 1500 Series was the importance of foot mobility to prevent falls, especially the toes. We all have been walking since toddlerhood and we do it automatically but have you ever given much thought to what goes into each step you take.

If you pay attention, when you begin walking, this is the detailed order that should take place:
1. After you lift the foot off the floor to begin taking a step, the heel should strike the ground with toes pulled up.
2. Next, roll through the foot from the heel along the bottom of the foot toward the big toe.
3. In the meantime, the toes of the foot behind push off to propel you forward.

As you walk, it is the big toe that bears most of the weight. With that in mind, it’s important to have strong toes. Here is one of the toe strengthening exercises I introduced in the 1500 Series.

A Great Toe Exercise

From a seated position, take your shoes off and place your feet flat on the floor. Turn the toes under and release quickly. Repeat this 10 times by counting, “one and two and three and…” etc. up to 10. This will increase circulation in the toes and prepare them for the next exercise.

Now grip your toes to the floor and hold for two or more seconds. Then lift the toes up and stretch them apart. Repeat four or more times as tolerated.

You can do this exercise one foot at a time or both feet together!

Spend a little time every day strengthening your toes. One easy way to add these exercises to your daily balance and fall prevention exercise regimen is to do it during your TV watching time. You can even tape a picture of a foot to your TV set as a reminder. Sometimes we have to be creative to help ourselves develop new habits.

Enjoy the beauty of Fall and take time to do everything you can do to avoid taking a fall. I hope this exercise helps. That’s all for now!

Wishing you the very best in health and happiness!

Mary Ann Wilson

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