• Features special guest Lynne Matallana.

• This workout uses a 9-12 inch ball.

• Total running time: approximately 27 minutes. CC

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In the Sit and Be Fit Fibromyalgia Workout, Lynne Matallana, President and
Editor-in-Chief of the National Fibromyalgia Association, shares her
experience with Fibromyalgia (FMS) and the role of exercise as a
management tool. The disabling and varying levels of pain and
fatigue associated with FMS are major symptoms. However, one
of the most frustrating aspects of this condition is the physical
debilitation causing functional limitations that affect quality of life.
FMS patients will benefit from the gentle exercise program designed
by Mary Ann Wilson, RN to improve posture, breathing and range
of motion. (Released in 2006)


Both seated and standing versions of exercises are demonstrated
by Ms. Wilson and Lori McCormick, PT. This workout uses a 9-12 inch
ball as a fitness tool.

Total running time: approximately 27 minutes. CC

Click here for YouTube Video Demo

 Warm-Up w/ Ball  3:14  Seated  Timeless
 Warm-Up w/ Ball  4:38  Seated  Hopes & Dreams
 Circulation  3:27  Seated  Finkle’s Folly
 Leg Exercises  3:25  Standing/Seated  Gone Fishing
 Stretch w/ Ball  4:45  Standing/Seated  Vision
 Relaxation w/ Ball  0:45  Seated  An Autumn Walk


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