NEURO REHAB WORKOUT – DVD (in-house duplication)


• Some Seated exercises are also shown Standing

• Bonus Pelvic Floor & Finger Exercises

• Total running time: approximately 55 minutes

• NOTE: We now duplicate this DVD in-house from our edit system. It will be delivered in a clear case, not as pictured.

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The Neuro Rehab Workout has been designed to address a variety of needs common to many neurological deficits which affect the central nervous system with various degrees of impairment, making coordination, cognition and balance challenging. Paired with motivating music the exercises are designed to improve circulation, proprioception, balance, function, range of motion, and sensory awareness. (Released in 2010)

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Link to Add Towel

 Seated Posture and Breathing 2:23
 Seated Sensory Stimulation 2:50
 Seated Upper Body Warm-Up 3:43
 Seated Upper Body Flexibility 3:40
 Seated Lower Body Flexibility 2:31
 Seated Proprioception 3:13
 Seated Towel Exercises 3:57
 Seated Facial Exercises 3:30
 Seated/Standing Balance Exercises 2:50
 Seated/Standing Strengthening Exercises 4:40
 Seated/Standing Stretching 2:55
 BONUS Pelvic Floor and Finger Exercises 14:33


Thank you for my recent order.
I ordered the Neuro Rehab DVD from a very helpful and energetic person on the telephone. It arrived quickly and was just what I expected. I am 36 and recently had spinal cord surgery after a decade with Lyme disease so I have a great many neurological symptoms. I have found that regular physiotherapy has not been as helpful as many of the Sit and Be Fit programs are. Thank you for providing the services that you do. By having the opportunity to own a DVD it helps with independence.

Thank you and keep up the excellent work,
Sarah P., Saskatchewan Canada


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