Regain and maintain a healthy lymphatic system with this workout video.

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The Lymphatic Health Workout focuses on exercises to help maintain or regain a healthy lymphatic system.  The human body relies on this important system to remove toxins and to help produce white blood cells. Mary Ann Wilson, RN, leads viewers through a variety of exercises to stimulate lymphatic flow.  Certified Lymphedema Specialist, Diane Smith, PT, kicks off the workout with an overview of the lymphatic system.  Bonus segments feature popular Tai Chi with Tino segments from the Season 17 and 18 television series.

Click here for YouTube video demo.

Total running time: approximately 66 minutes. CC

Seated Breathing Exercises

Seated Warm-Up

Seated Circulation

Seated Towel Exercises

Seated Weights

Seated Finger Exercises with Small Ball

Seated Range of Motion Exercises with Large Ball

Seated/Standing Leg Strengthening

Seated/Standing Stretching

Seated Relaxation

BONUS Segments: Seated/Standing Tai Chi with Tino

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