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The Season 17 DVD Box Set contains all ten half-hour, closed-captioned, episodes from Sit and Be Fit’s Season 17.

Each 27-minute session features a full-body workout designed to strengthen, stretch, improve balance and overall functioning of the body. These programs are upbeat and lively and highlight a variety of fun movements and music. Seated versions of the standing exercises are demonstrated by Mary Ann’s daughter, Gretchen. One light exercise band is included. 

Episode Descriptions:

1701 Heel to Toe Functional Fitness – In this workout Mary Ann focuses on core strengthening, balance, finger dexterity, and improving range of motion. Dr. Emily shares the “short foot” exercise. Accessories used: small ball, weights

1702 Body Alignment and Core Strengthening – In this episode Mary Ann focuses on the details of proper body alignment and core strengthening throughout the workout. Dr. Emily shows how to use “short foot” in a sit-to-stand progression. Accessories used: towel, small ball, weights

1703 Wake Your Body With Exercise – In this lively functional workout Mary Ann uses a towel to improve range of motion. Gretchen leads a finger segment for the brain featuring college football hand signs and Dr. Emily shares a foot release homework assignment. Accessories used: towel, band

1704 Exercise Interventions for Functional Fitness – Mary Ann incorporates exercises that can be practiced daily to promote functional fitness and independence. Dr. Emily shares a pelvic floor exercise to strengthen the core. Accessories used: towel, band

1705 Pamper Your Feet – This episode is packed with variety and several guest appearances. Mary Ann and Dr. Emily share exercises to stimulate your feet and keep them healthy.  Accessories used: weights

1706 Lymphatic Health Special – Physical Therapist, Diana Smith, explains the role of the lymphatic system in removing toxins from the body. Mary Ann devotes this episode to a variety of movements and exercises that stimulate healthy lymphatic flow including a self-massage relaxation segment. Accessories used: small ball, weights, towel

1707 Tai Chi with Tino – Tai Chi exercises are good for balance training and fall prevention. Mary Ann introduces guest Tai Chi instructor, Tino, who leads viewers in a fun “Tai Chi By The Sea” segment. Accessories used: towel, band

1708 Brain and Balance – Mary Ann shares exercises that improve postural strength and finger dexterity. Gretchen leads viewers through a fun segment that challenges the brain and balance systems with reaction time and patterning exercises. Dr. Emily shares a balance tip. Accessories used: large ball, small ball, band

1709 Tone and Stretch – Mary Ann uses a towel, large ball, and weights to guide viewers through a full-body workout to improve strength and range of motion. A variety of fun music is used throughout. Dr. Emily shares a balance tip. The episode ends with a gentle relaxation segment. Accessories used: large ball, towel, weights

1710 Balance Your Body – In this episode, Mary Ann leads viewers through a workout designed to balance out the body to improve functional fitness. Dr. Emily shares an exercise to strengthen balance and help reduce fall risk. Accessories used: band


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