Enjoy these upbeat and fun exercises with Mary Ann, who incorporates unique styles of music with each workout. Includes an episode on diabetes and neuropathy.


The exercise band is a natural latex rubber band, 6 inches wide and 4 feet long, used by physical therapists and fitness professionals.

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The Season 16 DVD Box Set contains all ten half-hour, closed-captioned, episodes from Sit and Be Fit’s Season 16.

Each 27-minute session features a full-body workout designed to strengthen, stretch, improve balance and overall functioning of the body. These programs are upbeat and lively and highlight a variety of fun movements and music. Seated versions of the standing exercises are demonstrated by Mary Ann’s daughter, Gretchen. One light exercise band is included. 

Episode Descriptions

#1601 Music and Novelty: Mary Ann’s love of combining novelty music and exercise is obvious by the way she matches her movements to this engaging staccato melody. Gretchen introduces a seated brain segment. Accessories used: weights

#1602 Imagining Resistance: Mary Ann demonstrates three different ways to push up from a chair and uses imaginary resistance to strengthen muscles. Gretchen combines a standing balance routine with vestibular work. Accessories used: weights

#1603 A Treat For Your Feet: In this episode, Mary Ann pays special attention to the feet, shoulders, and hip range of motion using a towel and band. Accessories used: towel, band

#1604 Somatosensory and Lymphatic Systems: Mary Ann uses a large ball to stimulate the sensory and lymphatic systems, accompanied by jazzy, New Orleans style music. Gretchen has a new cross and open pattern to challenge the brain. Accessories used: large ball, weights

#1605 Neglected Areas of Body: The episode begins slow and easy with great music to accompany exercises for posture using a towel and band.  A large ball is used for balance exercises and exercises for the hips, carpal tunnel, and pelvic floor. Accessories used: large ball, towel, band

#1606 Diabetes and Peripheral Neuropathy: A large and small ball is used as a way to facilitate exercises to improve conditions such as diabetes and peripheral neuropathy. Accessories used: large ball, small ball, weights

#1607 Full Body Workout: Mary Ann uses a towel to assist with neck alignment and a band for strengthening shoulders and upper back. There is an emphasis on core. A special tip is shared to help balance. Accessories used: towel, band

#1608 Brain and Balance: This episode includes unusual exercises for brain stimulation and to help with balance. Accessories used: large ball, towel, band

#1609 Upbeat and Fun: This energetic full-body workout has a lot of stomping and good hip movement for anyone confined to a chair. Accessories used: small ball, weights

#1610 Be Happy: Mary Ann will lift your spirits and posture. She will leave you with a smile, happy feet, and nimble fingers. The workout includes a brain segment with Gretchen. Accessories used: small ball, band

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