• One full-body workout

• Designed to help develop and maintain safe driving skills

• Concentrates on reaction time, peripheral vision, hand eye coordination

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While we’re all attentive to keeping our vehicles in good working order to avoid break downs, few of us give much thought to tuning up the many areas of our body that contribute to safe driving. The good news is that there are a variety of easy exercises you can incorporate into your daily life that will improve your driving performance. This workout focuses on reaction time, peripheral vision, hand, and eye coordination and flexibility. One full-body workout, designed to help develop and maintain safe driving skills.

45  Minutes (Medium Tempo)

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Exercise Time Position
Warm-up 4:38 Seated
Circulation 5:02 Seated
Reaction Time 3:12 Seated
Finger Exercises 3:19 Seated
Weight 1:54 Seated
Leg Strengthening 10:39 Standing
Stretching 4:57 Standing

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