The exercise band is a natural latex rubber band, 6 inches wide and 4 feet long, used by physical therapists and fitness professionals.

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The Season 15 DVD Box Set contains all ten half-hour, closed-captioned, episodes from Sit and Be Fit’s Season 15.

Each 27-minute session features a full-body workout designed to strengthen, stretch, improve balance and overall functioning of the body. These programs are upbeat and lively and highlight a variety of fun movements and music. Seated versions of the standing exercises are demonstrated by Mary Ann’s daughter, Gretchen. One light exercise band is included.

Episode Descriptions

#1501 Brain Booster: This program focuses on exercises that activate the brain and includes excellent movement patterns for balance and gait. Accessories used: large ball, towel, band

#1502 Practice Perfect Posture: This episode puts an emphasis on postural alignment and using proper form to get the most out of each exercise. Accessories used: weights

#1503 Variety: Mary Ann uses a variety of exercises and exercise accessories to help you feel and function better. Accessories used: large ball, towel, band

#1504 Functional and Fun Exercises for the Feet: This workout begins with a fun segment dedicated to keeping your feet happy and healthy. Accessories used: large ball, small ball, weights

#1505 Yardsticks and Bands: Opening this program is a unique warm-up routine using a yardstick. Later in the show, Mary Ann focuses on upper and lower body strengthening using bands. Accessories used: towel, band, yardstick

#1506 Shoulder and Back Strength: Mary Ann guides viewers through a lively workout sharing exercises that help strengthen the shoulders and back. Accessories used: large ball, towel, weights

#1507 Postural Alignment and Shoulder Stability: This program features exercises that help increase postural awareness and stabilize the shoulders. Accessories used: small ball, band

#1508 Circulation: This upbeat episode focuses on movements designed to get the blood flowing through the body. Accessories used: large ball, towel, weights, yardstick

#1509 Core Strengthening: Mary Ann shares exercises that help build core strength which plays an important role in balance and back strength. Accessories used: band

#1510 Hip Mobility: Maintaining flexibility in the hips is an important strategy to ensure healthy aging. Mary Ann spends time during this workout focusing on this area of functional fitness. Accessories used: large ball, weights

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