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Spondylolisthesis Testimonials

Dear Mary Ann
I don’t haveTV, but do follow a couple of your older programs found on you tube. I checked your site to see which sessions you recommend for spondylolisthesis. I’m going to try them all, but wanted to suggest you add the DVT program there. Because of Spondy condition I don’t have good blood flow in my pelvic groin and upper inside thighs. I really noticed an improvement after doing that short DVT program. I was less stiff, moved more freely. Felt warmer throughout the pelvic and lower back. (This is important where it’s still snowing first week of May). I suggest you include it in the spondy suitable programs.

I am 73, and have a failed instrumented fusion, which left me with the metal brackets and screws, and a Grade 1 spondy. Pain, stiffness and coldness are all reduced after I do the DVT, and one of the 30 min general sessions.

Many thanks


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