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Small Ball Exerises for the Feet

By Mary Ann Wilson, RN

Bare feet exercises are valuable for everyone and are especially important for healthy aging. They promote balance, gait and circulation. Below are 3 great ideas for how to use a small ball for bare foot exercises. The ball used on the Sit and Be Fit television program is soft and has a little bit of give to it. This type of ball is perfect for bare feet exercises. If you don’t have one available, a golf ball may be substituted.

As with any exercise, begin with good posture. By practicing these movements without shoes and socks you will achieve the greatest range of motion throughout the feet and ankles. You will also get the added benefit of somatosensory stimulation which helps improve balance.

Here’s an idea: keep your small ball by your favorite chair. The next time you’re watching TV or doing some other sedentary activity, slip off your socks and shoes. Place the ball under your foot and practice the exercises below. Finish with a nice foot massage by rolling the ball under the feet. Use the weight of your body to press into the ball firmly if you want to activate the pressure points on the soles. You may even be interested in learning more about foot reflexology which is the art of using pressure points to stimulate circulation and encourage physical/emotional well-being in the body. Try the below bare feet exercises below.

Sit and Be Fit_foot exercises toe spread

Sit and Be Fit_foot exercises_toe touch

Sit and Be Fit_foot exercises_ball roll

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