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“Thank you for this fantastic program.  I had stomach cancer surgery in August 2016.  This program has helped me to regain my strength and Fitness.”


“I am still participating in Sit and Be Fit sessions four-and-one-half years following surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy for a sarcoma. Sit and Be Fit has helped me to regain strength and flexibility following a year of treatment.”

Sonya H. Tampa, FL

“After doing Sit and Be Fit five days a week it has become a habit with me and the only program I’ve been able to stick with. I had breast cancer in 2003 and had both breasts removed. I was given exercises to do but found I could do the stretching exercises with Sit and Be Fit. Within three weeks I had my full range of motion back. Of course I had to work through the pain, but I stuck with it. The doctor couldn’t believe that I could move my arms above my head. When I told him about your program he said he would let others know about it. She could really see the results. Sit and Be Fit has helped me maintain fitness and no matter what the age, it will help others. I would like to get more of the DVDs when they come out. I feel like I know Mary Ann and Lori.”

Amaris H. Tacoma, WA

“I have been doing your program for 6 weeks now. I’m recovering from a serious cancer surgery. The long hospitalization created a lot of mobility loss – chemotherapy caused loss of feeling in my fingers (your finger exercises are great!) I can tell you I am very much aware of improvement, more so every day. I am able to keep up with all of your routines. Just want to thank you for being there. Looking forward to many visits with you.”

Marie L. Grants Pass, OR

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