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“I am 44 years old. The last 3 years my form of exercise has been walking. I love walking. My feet started to hurt when I walked. This past August my feet were really hurting so I went to the doctor and discovered that I have planter’s fasciitis. I am to rest my feet and not to stand for long periods and get good shoes. I have been doing all that. I was told it would take about 1 year for my feet to heal in the mean time not exercising; I gained weight and became depressed. Then 5 weeks ago I saw one of your shows on TV. I had always thought the program (Sit and Be Fit) was for seniors. I ordered the tape “All Sitting Exercises” wow! I have been so motivated to exercise, I’ve lost 12 pounds. I want others to know that there is no age requirement on working out with Sit and Be Fit tapes. Thank you so much for the motivation and inspiration! We need programs like this on tv to get people moving!”

Michelle R. Port Orchard, WA

“You will never know how much your program has helped me. My feet and heels hurt so bad and doctors have been no help. You really did. Thanking you and please keep up the good work. I can hardly wait each day to tune you in.”

Margaret R. Greeley, CO

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