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“Since starting your exercise program my legs have strengthened and my posture has improved. I still have a little difficulty getting up from my chair but that too is improving. I have recommended your program to my friends.”

Margaret H. Largo, FL

“I feel I wouldn’t be able to walk by this time if it wasn’t for Mary Ann Wilson and “Sit and Be Fit”. For two years my ankles were becoming more weak, I’d pull a ligament at the slightest tweak of my ankle. At this time I could barely put my foot on the floor. Strangely enough, my Foot Doctor didn’t recommend therapy. One of my friends recommended your show. What a blessing! This program gives gentle exercise to the areas that weaken as we age. I’ve recommended your show to all of my peers!”

Ruth J. Shoreline, WA

“Thanks to your exercises, I not only have stronger ankles, my shoulder strength is much improved. I am able to carry two large bags of groceries per week, I am able to use my vacuum cleaner without tenderness in the left Rotator Cuff area.”

Ruth J. Shoreline, WA

“Mary Ann sends a helpful, hopeful message to an aging America. If we are to avoid the noodle legs and frailty of advancing years we are well served to hear her message.”

Walter B. Portola Valley, CA

“You and your program “Sit and Be Fit” were truly God’s angels to me during the first two months of home recovery after a bike-car accident. I found your program by “accident” and watched it every chance I could. When the pain of my badly broken leg and other body bruises were so bad that I didn’t want to make an effort to get up, I would put on a leg brace and hobble to the TV with crutches to watch your show. I would be so encouraged by you that I would attempt as many movements as I could from the bed. To the doctor’s amazement my leg is healing in several displaced areas. I credit a lot of the way I moved so fast to your program. It’s not just for senior citizens! May God continue to use you to heal!”

Lois R. Grand Rapids MI

“I address you as “friend” because you have done so much to enrich my life. At 65 I suffered excruciating pain in my left leg and hip. I was diagnosed with neuropathy. The doctors gave me no hope, only heavy medication for pain. I began to lose control of my legs, was forced to quit a part-time job and started to use a cane. One day flipping the TV channels I saw your program. I have been a regular viewer since that day. My improvement is unbelievable. Special thanks to Mary Ann Wilson for making getting better so enjoyable. Oh, yes, I am going back to work next week, and I have tossed the cane.”

Ruth A. Park Forest, IL

“I want you to know how much you Sit and Be Fit exercise has helped me! My left leg was broken two years ago. After two operations and many hours of therapy I couldn’t walk without a walker. The last time I went to therapy, I was told there was nothing else they could do. About then I found your program. By using it each day it has played a large part in my being able to walk again. You have done a fine thing trying to help people that are limited in many ways, and you should take great pride in what you’ve done.”

Sue B. Germantown, TN

“At night I would have to get up several times with cramps in my legs and feet. It would feel like my legs were trying to twist backwards. Since I started to do your Sit and Be Fit exercises I haven’t had the cramps in my legs or feet. My posture has improved. I stand taller and my back feels wonderful. Even my husband and son can see how much better I can move around. My doctor can see an improvement in me when I go for my monthly check-up. He was very pleased. Since I have gotten back some of my ‘old get up and go’ again, I feel I can start teaching my crochet and craft classes once more. The program is wonderful and just what the older people who can’t get out and around need to help themselves stay active.”

Marilyn G. N. Huntingdon, PA

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