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“Today was the best I tuned into with brain work, safe driving eye work and weight work-not boring.  I’m 83 and enjoy the faster pace a different program each time I watch.  It keeps me thinking and using my brain and other parts of my body.  I do take exercise classes so I don’t use a walker or cane and I appreciate a good variety in your program.”

Marilyn H.  Campbell, CA

“Thank you so much for your show.  It is very helpful and your demeanor which is full of encouragement and fun.  It gets me started everyday and your perspective helps me to start positive.  It is you and your wonderful self that helps me set my day in the right track.  Thank you so much and for always explaining why as well as how.  Your calmness   Is very soothing.  Thank you again. Please Keep Going!  I love all facets of the show.”

J and S

“My name is Lizz L and I am at the Project Coordinator at the Golden Connections Senior Center. One of our members, Nedra  ordered one of your videos to bring in to share with our center. She asked me to write you and let you know that she is so very pleased with your service. We are excited to try your program and will be adding it to our March lineup!! Thank you again for your wonderful and quick service!!”

Lizz L. NY

“I have been participating in the Sit and Be Fit program most weekdays for over a year.  Not only has the program suited my exercise needs, I have found it to be fun, encouraging and motivation.  I greatly enjoy Mary Ann and Gretchen with their contagious, up beat and positive energy.  As well, the music adds a special touch. I can’t applaud this program enough and  within the availability of my own home.”

Patricia W.  Grants pass, OR

“Have thought about writing to you many times.  I started your exercise in the 80’s and missed very few.  You made them so much fun to do.  I’m sure it’s helped me to live to 96 yrs.

Ethel W.   Colorado Springs, CO

“I am 40 years old and enjoyed doing SIT AND BE FIT with my mother (in her 70’s). The instructor’s presentation and style was confident but not intimidating, graceful but precise. It’s obvious how well thought out and medically sound this program is. The half hour flew by!”

Sue Jacoby Apache Junction, AZ

“I followed this program faithfully the whole year, and it helped immensely. I was unable to get up from a chair, or walk without a walker and by the end of the year was finally able to get outside and walk with the help of a cane.”

Mrs. Thelma G. Lisak Wheeling, WY

“Dear Mary Ann Wilson, Fridays are special days for me because I am able to start the day exercising with you while watching your program on KAET. Your soft soothing voice is encouragement enough for me to start exercising. I especially like your gentle and kind approach. Every part of my body, from the tips of my toes to my head, moves during a session with you. Your selection of music adds to the enjoyment of your sessions! There are many individuals (some recovering from accidents or surgery, or senior citizens) who would like to participate in some type of exercise program, and you offer something for everyone, Whether free of physical limitations or wheelchair dependent. After a session with you, I feel relaxed and ready to start the day! Many, many thanks for providing your viewers with such an excellent, diversified exercise session.”

Marjorie D. Tempe, AZ

“From the age of four, until I turned 16 and moved to this country, I was a ballet dancer at Alicia Alonso in Havana, Cuba. I grew older and after seven children and five grandchildren, I let myself go and totally stopped exercising. Having had the best ballet teacher, I never found a program/video that would be ‘automatically par excellence’ for overall work-out and yet legit enough for a very inactive ballerina. Sit and Be Fit promptly changed my mind and has me on the road to the ballerina inside me which has been dormant, but has always been a ‘part of me’. Thank you for a job well done.”

Aleida T. Miami, FL

“I am 81 in good health, taking no medication, ditto my golfing husband. When I first “discovered” Sit and Be Fit about 1 year ago, I considered it elementary with such simple movements. As time moved on I’ve become addicted, realizing every muscle, etc. of the body moves during the half hour, so beneficial especially to the elderly or inactive person. Mary Ann Wilson is a perfect instructor with her outstanding personality, and attractiveness as well as her expertise in her work. In my estimation Sit and Be Fit is among the few truly worthwhile programs coming from our TV screen.”

Sylvia A. Newland, NC

“I wouldn’t miss your Sit and Be Fit program. I plan my day around it. I watched other exercise programs, but never wanted to participate. I feel it is really helpful to me. I know I feel better.”

Jean M. Austin, MN

“After two years of various painful symptoms, lingering dry mouth, losing hair, swollen legs, severe itching, complicated by shingles, and no remedy since it was an unknown ailment, I discovered the ‘Sit and Be Fit’ exercise program on local TV. I got out of my rocker and began your daily half hour of exercises. Gradually my strength returned, and most of the symptoms disappeared.”

Sally L. Mendecino, CA

“You are an inspiration to all your viewers to stay in shape. Since 1945, while a student at Ohio State University, I have been a fashion model, and now at my 79 years, I still do occasional shows and give your “Sit and Be Fit” show much credit for the shape I’m in. On days when I can’t be gardening, playing golf or tennis, I can do my exercising with you and your charming voice on TV. What a blessing you are with your programs.”

Mary C. H. Redington Beach, FL

“I love the program. I come into the room all bent up, and when I finish Sit and Be Fit, I’m ready to meet the day. My grandson after returning from his vacation, commented, “grandma, you’ve gotten taller.” Not having measured myself I am not certain of that, but if the stretching exercises have given me the appearance of being taller, I’ll wrap it up and take it!!! You go Sit and Be Fit!!”

Ruth C D. Seattle, WA

“My residents (at an assisted living facility) love your workouts with Mary Ann. Until I started working here I never even heard of Sit and Be Fit. We have exercise class every day, and they just love your video… Thank you for making exercise doable for the elderly.

Sandy S. Visalia, CA

“On April 17 I called Sit and Be Fit to order a video for my 71-year-old mother. I also called the US Marines to order a car sticker for my father. Two days later I had the video from Sit and Be Fit. I’m still waiting for the sticker from the Marines (six days later). To be more efficient than the USMC, that is impressive. Of all the things I’ve nagged my mother to do, Sit and Be Fit has been the most successful. She truly enjoys it.”

Ellen H. Waldport, OR

“Sit and Be Fit is a necessary program for people like myself who cannot stand and perform various exercises. I weigh 375 pounds and it is hard for me to stand and bend…You are really helping a population of people…with health problems…I fell much better since I started to exercise one month ago.”

Beverly P.

“I tried to use this program each day of the week. Over time I found that I could climb stairs without any pain to my legs. I could write with a pen without my arthritis wrist hurting. While driving a car, I was much better able to look over my shoulders.”

Barbara S. Spokane, WA

“My deep appreciation for your wonderful program and to all those who assist in anyway. It has contributed greatly to my ability to maintain my home and carry out most of my tasks.”

Babe K. Steilacoom, WA

“I will be 75 next month, have had eight children and have advanced glaucoma. You’re program, SIT AND BE FIT has changed my life. I ‘shuffled’ around thinking it was my eyes and it was my muscles! Now, I walk straight, sit straight, walk faster and am not so afraid to go places. I can’t tell you how much you are doing for people of ALL ages and conditions…I’m becoming a nuisance to my friends because I rave and rave about your classes all the time to them. Thank you, thank you. Your class is the most important thing in my life.”

Maggie Konkle San Antonio, TX

“I have watched [the program] since October and look forward to it every day! While I cannot raise my arms straight overhead or put them behind my head…your exercises have improved the strength in my arms and back enormously and rid my shoulders of the pain and stiffness I felt in the last few months of my career… I especially appreciate your wonderful, gentle, encouraging and affirming way of leading your viewers in exercise! You make us feel so good about what we’re doing but take good care of us since you caution against painful exertions…you are yet one more tremendous member of the nursing profession who has made a difference in my life.”

Cathy Butler Seattle, WA

“A few months ago, I was surfing the channels on TV, and found SIT AND BE FIT on channel 20. your program has brought me better physical and mental attitude. I’ll keep on watching you, and you keep up the good work…you are my friend, and help.”

Edna Yedinak Blue Island, IL

“I have been using your tapes over the past two years and have benefited a great deal from them. When I started I could not raise one arm above my shoulder nor could I complete the leg exercises without pain. Now I am flexing muscles I did not know I had. A big thank you for my fitness.”

Inez W. McDonald Wilkinsburg, PA

“Want to tell you we always look forward to your exercise program. We are old and cannot drive to take exercise classes like yours.”

Mrs. C.W. Eddleman South Houston, TX

“I have been exercising with you and regaining flexibility in my joints. I am walking down stairs straight ahead for the first time in years.”

Helen Hubbell Spokane, WA

“The program is most beneficial. I have experienced improvement in less than one week.”

B.J. Graff Joelton, TN

“I have been doing your Sit and Be Fit exercise, It’s the greatest. My husband started doing the exercises with me. He’s 82 and I’m 72. We feel absolutely feel great. I hope this program never goes off the air.”

Mrs. Jane Struble San Jose, CA

“This is a terrific program. I’ve given up my afternoon naps in order to participate in these exercises on television!”

Mrs. E.G. Krieger Las Cruces, NM

“This week, while visiting in Tennessee, I viewed an exercise program, Sit and Be Fit. The program was so superior to any I have seen for the elderly. I would appreciate your forwarding me any information you have.”

Beatrice Correa Somerset, MA

“What a lovely, effective, gentle and well-timed program for me. The lady professional who runs the program is wonderful. It is a blessing and will be more of a blessing.”

Jeanne S. Victoria, B.C.

“I discovered your show 2 years ago. I want to tell you YOU ARE WONDERFUL. Your demeanor, your hair, your cheerful smile every day. The exercises are just right for me. Your constant admonitions to “go only to your own range of motion” so we don’t feel bad if we can’t go as high as you. I love your show and it is helping me to stay healthy and mobile. I tell all my friends about it. You are doing a wonderful public service for us old and retired people who can’t get out much. May God bless you. Keep up the good work.”

Mrs. Dorothy P. Los Gatos, CA

“Just want to let you know that at 83 I’m still following your exercises at 6 AM every morning and love it. Please stay with us.”

Florence Y. Clearwater, FL

“I think it is a wonderful program and I don’t know of another of it’s kind. Mary Ann is delightful and is relaxing and fun to be with. Thank you for doing this program. It is much appreciated.”

Trixy Dyas Seattle, WA

“Thank you and the entire staff for your fantastic and helpful efforts in our behalf to enjoy better health.”

Emily T. Phoenix, AZ

“Both my husband and I are in our 70’s and follow your wonderful exercises. We feel great afterward–so refreshed, warmed and gently invigorated. Ms. Wilson you are a wonderful director, you make it so much fun, the music so perfect and the relaxation so good. Thanks for the wonderful exercise program.”

Laura M. Matteson, IL

“Your exercise program Sit and Be Fit is just the very best. I am writing to thank you personally for your pleasant and upbeat personality. The relaxation times are especially welcome. Please pass along my thanks to the entire staff who makes this program possible. I am 70 years “experienced” and your program adds to the quality of my life, physically and mentally.”

Helen B. Tampa, FL

“Your shows are wonderful and the lady is a darling!”

Norma S. San Jose, CA

“Love your Sit and Be Fit program. I do it every day and enjoy it so much and Mary Ann too. Keep up the good work. I’m 76 years old and still active.”

B.A. Gietzen Kalispell, MT

“For many years my thumb joints were so swelled and so painful that it limited much of what I did. Now, for the first time in years the swelling is nearly gone and they rarely hurt. The only thing I have done differently is your program, especially the hand exercises. I just bought some yarn and started crocheting again!”

Betty P. Sunnyvale, CA

“Thank you for helping to keep my 81 year old body in shape.”

Marjorie C. Port St. Lucie, FL

“Your exercise program has been a life saver for me as I was in an automobile accident two years ago. As soon as my personal therapist was dismissed I started taking the Sit and Be Fit exercise program. I want to share this program with the senior citizen center near us.”

Kathryn L. Lufkin, TX

“I have been doing your program for some time and wish to thank you for it. I am a 77 year old active female — golf, cycling, etc. — and credit your program for my fitness. Thank you!”

Mrs. Nancy C. Wetaskiwin, Alberta

“For quite a few years now I have been exercising with Mary Ann Wilson and Sit and Be Fit. She is a delight. You cannot help but feel better after watching her and imitating her moves. I have told quite a few friends about Sit and Be Fit and they are also watching now. Keep up the program.”

Therese B. Skokie, IL

“We are enthusiastic and grateful viewers of the program, Sit and Be Fit. You obviously know a great deal about physical fitness and your perky personality is just right for the program. We hope it continues for a long while.”

G.F. McLennan Novato, CA

“Want to tell you we always look forward to your exercise program. We are old and cannot drive to take exercise classes like yours.”

Mrs. C.W. Eddleman South Houston, TX

“I have been doing the exercises with SIT AND BE FIT and it seems to help me a lot. I feel these exercises are very beneficial. Thank you very much.”

Wilma D. McCleary, WA

“I work out with you every day. I just wish SIT AND BE FIT was on TV on weekends, too. I feel much better after a half-hour with you and Lori. I like the new format.”

Elisabeth W. Sarasota, FL
“Thank You Mary Ann for the daily exercises you provide to help us stay fit and nimble or at least being able to move about in our older age. You are loved and appreciated by many. You not only help us physically but also emotionally to remain fit and find
joy in doing things. You are a great motivator for good. The Lord bless you and your daughter! One grateful follower in Illinois with some of her elderly friends!”

Helga S.

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