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“I accidentally came to discover the Sit and Be Fit exercise program and it has proved to be one of the best things that has happened for my health and well-being. I have been struggling with a debilitating neck and shoulder injury for the past three years and after just a month-and-a-half of doing the Sit and Be Fit exercises I have regained almost my full range of motion in my right arm. I have also found that the rest of my body is getting stronger and more flexible and that my posture has really improved. And, all those small but annoying aches and pains are virtually gone.”

Mauilea P. Menlo Park, CA

“When I started your exercise program – SIT AND BE FIT – I was having muscle soreness and tightness in the shoulders and neck. The pain and soreness were also in my hands and one thumb joint. The program has helped me very much. At first I was skeptical because the program seemed so easy. Your program hits all the muscle groups and is gentle. I love it!”

Elizabeth P. Houston, TX

“Your TV program and your tape have helped me so much. My neck turns so easily now and I know my posture is better.”

Bette B. Ghiotti Burlingame, CA

“Since the late 50’s when I sustained whiplash in a car accident I’ve been unable to turn my neck very far. All the exercises you do have been of great benefit to me. Now I feel like I’m rivaling the owls. I like your program because: I don’t have to get dressed to go to some class to exercise, I don’t have to pay a fee, I save on gas to go miles to class, I don’t feel embarrassed about my awkwardness, each exercise is done such a short time and usually slow enough for me and I like the music Mary Ann chooses to go with the program.”

Alice S. Martinez, CA

“I am a 78 year old woman recovering from a fall last spring when I cracked some ribs and broke a bone in my upper arm. My daughter is writing this letter for me. The arm injury led to a frozen shoulder and I have been going to physical therapy. Now that the therapy has ended I find your program very helpful in providing exercises I can do that will help me recover.”

Mrs. Marion S. Waukisha, WI

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