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We just finished taping 20 new shows for the 1300 series and are in the process of editing. Just prior to taping I discovered a resource I wanted to share with you. Janice Novak, M.S., has published a book and DVD on posture titled, “POSTURE, GET IT STRAIGHT.” Janice and I have similar philosophies, and what I appreciated most was her use of different terminology to explain many of the same things that we both do.

Here is my favorite exercise from her book and DVD, called “One Minute to Better Posture.”


Position Pelvis

  • Feet hip-width apart
  • Knees unlocked and soft
  • Pull belly button toward your back
  • Tighten abdominal muscles
  • Tuck tailbone under
  • Relax buttocks
  • Hold abdominals tight


Position Ribcage

  • Place one hand on sternum
  • Lift ribcage up as if a string is connected from your breastbone to the ceiling
  • Put your fingers on your hip bones and thumbs on your rib cage and lengthen the space between your hip bones and rib cage.


Position Head

  • Align your head directly over the shoulders by pulling the chin straight back, lengthening the back of the neck.


Position Shoulders

  • Externally rotate the arms out to the side until the thumbs are pointing up in a hitchhike position.
  • Press the shoulders down away from the ears.
  • Pull shoulder blades towards the spine and then press them down toward your waist.
  • Relax your arms, palms should end up facing thighs and thumbs point forward.
  • Gently stretch the top of the head toward the ceiling as if a string were pulling you upward.


Keep the position for a few moments trying to relax into it and breath normally. The more you practice this the more comfortable and natural it will become.

Keep Reaching Out for a Better Day.

Mary Ann Wilson


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