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“Thank you so much for your Sit and Be Fit exercise program. I am beginning to breathe easier now. I had Polymyalgia Rheumatic and swelled hip so I could hardly move. I would like to do an exercise like this 2-3 times each day because I am improving a lot. You are such a caring person and don’t let your people OVERDO, too. I really appreciate you Mary Ann Wilson! I will be 80 next month but feel so good now with your exercises that I think I could go back to cook again but not really. Ha! I do feel 90% better already. Much thanks to you and your program.”

Lila R. Salinas, CA

“I just started Sit and Be Fit and it is doing wonders for me. It is the only exercise I can tolerate because of Osteoarthritis and neuropathy. My doctor thinks it is a great program. Thanks to Mary Ann Wilson and staff.”

Harold C. Graham, WA

“Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your program. I watched and exercised regularly last year and felt great. I have been off for about 6 months and happy to say I am back hopefully regularly. I feel so much better- you have helped get some of my lazy bones working again. I am a diabetic and have neuropathy in my feet- your routines are very helpful. Hope to see you each day for many more years. Keep up the good work and continue to give us that lovely smile.”

Margaret S. Port St. Lucie, FL

“At my doctor’s suggestion, I turned on our PBS station to your exercise program. I suffer from fibrositis (one of the 100 plus types of arthritis) and from peripheral neuropathy, caused by overuse of prednisone for asthma. I’ve needed exercise badly, but even swimming and water walking cause pain. Sit and Be Fit seems to fit the bill. The half hour passes quickly and I seem to be able to do most of the exercises.”

Virginia Malterner Sun City, AZ

“Your program has been of great help to me in gaining back muscle strength after a very long illness.”

Ellejane Donahue Pittsburgh, PA

“I’m 80 years old, arthritic, hypertensive, have C.O.P.D. After 45 years of smoking, am overweight and have peripheral nerve damage in my right leg as well as a limp from, a 3- way fracture of my right leg from the knee to the hip. I have enjoyed and benefited through your program for years. A heartfelt thanks for your program – it has really helped me. My physician approves your program.”

Marion K. Oakland, CA

“I am recovering from a spinal cord injury. I find your program very helpful and look forward to it each morning. My fingers are still undergoing trauma. Your finger exercise part of the program really helps me develop flexibility. Sit and Be Fit really does make my day brighter.”

Claudine K. Spokane, WA

“I found your program last October during a recovery from gallbladder surgery. I also work with a pinched nerve in my back and getting over a foot drop plus arthritis. My coordination is so much better and the shoulder movement is almost as good as a back rub or a hug. I am living alone and your delightful smile and greeting gets me going for the day. I will continue to Sit and Be Fit.”

Jean P. Campbell, CA

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