Strengthen communication between the body and brain with these fitness exercises that have a special emphasis on brain, hand, and eye coordination.


The exercise band is a natural latex rubber band, 6 inches wide and 4 feet long, used by physical therapists and fitness professionals.

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The Season 11 DVD Box Set contains all 10, half-hour episodes in HIGH DEFINITION, from Sit and Be Fit’s Season 11.

Each 27-minute episode includes a full body workout designed to strengthen, stretch and improve the overall functioning of the body. These programs are upbeat and lively, featuring a variety of fun movements and music. Seated versions of the standing exercises are demonstrated by a second instructor. An exercise band included.

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#1101 Safe Driving Skills
Mary Ann combines a number of exercises to sharpen driving skills by working the brain, eyes and hand/eye coordination.

#1102 Brain Fitness
Mary Ann uses a variety of exercises to stimulate the brain including body tapping, visual tactile stimulation, and reaction time drills.

#1103 Perceptual Motor Timing
Learn how to use rhythm to keep different processing areas of the brain sharp by practicing special exercise combinations.

#1104 Strengthen Brain Processing Areas
Integrating exercises from Neuronet exercise specialist, Sandra Dearman, Mary Ann shares exercises that strengthen pathways between different processing areas of the brain.

#1105 Perceptual Motor Fitness
This workout combines a variety of exercises that will encourage perceptual motor fitness for the purpose of strengthening communication between body and brain.

#1106 Balance For Body and Brain
Mary Ann incorporates body patting and other exercises that help strengthen balance and stimulate the body and mind.

#1107 Coordination Exercises For Safe Driving
This upbeat program combines exercises for driving, coordination, balance and brain function set to a variety of lively music.

#1108 Improve Reaction Time For Safe Driving
Mary Ann practices seated reaction time and peripheral vision exercises using a lemon! A variety of finger exercises are also demonstrated.

#1109 Strengthen Your Brain
A towel is used to assist with breathing exercises while new balance and eye exercises are introduced to challenge the vestibular system.

#1110 Improving Coordination
Mary Ann integrates small and large balls into this workout encouraging viewers to develop their balance and coordination skills.

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